week 11 summary (10-23-16)-(10-27-16)

    This week I began the actual experiment, testing the brain activity of people under different lighting conditions. So far everything is going well. I discovered that the time it takes to actually run a test is a bit longer than the time I gathered from a trial run with Elija. in the trial test i got that it would about 15 minutes total. however, in the actual tests I have been running, it takes about 18 minutes. this is not a big difference, but it is important to know so that my test subjects can be aware of how to fit this time block into their schedules. On Thursday of this week I had my meeting with Mr. Ferrell and Ms. Pettys. Everything went fairly well, but they had some concerns about the control of variables in my project because I am using human test subjects. They suggested I come up with a script for when i am running tests to put all test subjescts in the same mindset, wether they be friends or students I don't know very well. After the meeting I created a script, which I have used during all tests. so far I have completed tests on three subjects.

    My Asana tasks for the coming week are:
    • test at least four more people
    • print out more coloring pages and bring more pens to replace the old ones.
    • modify the google calendar which is shared with Lions and Elija for use of the "bat cave"