Week 13 summary (11-7-16) -(11-10-16)

    This week I focused on running more tests on participants. Everything went fairly well. However, when I was running a test on Wednesday at lunch, I discovered that the sensors on one of the EEG headsets were dried out. I initially discovered this because when I was trying to get a reading for a participant's stress, it stayed at 99% for the entire round of lighting tests. I talked to Dr. Bill about this and we discovered that the sensors should be stored in saline solution. I am unsure wether the stress results of 99% for one of my participants was due to actual stress in the brain, or an equipment malfunction. I used the same EEG headset on another person that day to see if it still read a constant number. when I looked at the reading from this other person, the stress level was not at 99%. which makes it seem that the equipment was in fact working and I simply had a very stressed participant. in any case I put a note in my table about this. Next week I will continue to work further on many of the things I did this week.

    Asana tasks for the week:
    • test 4 more participants
    • organize a more extensive list of future test subjects.
    • begin looking at the time it will take me to finish this stage and transition into the next phase of my project. keeping in mind what i will have to present.