week 10 summary (10-17-16)-(10-21-16)

    This week I got permission from Mr. Ford to send out emails asking for participants for my study. before I could do this though, I needed to create a solid procedure outline to ensure consistency between each trial round. I was able to do this and created a google doc with this information and a standard email response I will send to confirmed participants. on Thursday I ran through the entire procedure with Elija in order to get a good idea of how much time each lighting test will take and to work out any obstacles. I did not encounter any blockers in this process, and look forward to sending out emails asking for participants next week. Below is a link to the google doc i made that containing procedure and an email response template.


    Asana tasks for the coming week:

    • Send out emails
    • Coordinate testing room usage and times with Elija and Lions.
    • Talk to Dr. Bill and Mr. Halstead about times other than F period that would work for me to run tests.