week 12 semester 2 (4-17-17)-(4-21-17)

    This week I ran another test on a participant. If things go according to plan, by the end of Friday April 21 I will be into the analysis stage of my project for phase one. While I have previously set up graphs to automatically make a visual of my data, I still have more components of analysis I need to go over in order to determine any solid trends. For example I need to Use the program Plotly to graph my data averages for each lighting condition and then create error bars in order to determine if any findings are truly significant. I need to make a time to talk with Mr. Halstead about the feasibility of the second phase of my project depending on the results I find. This past week I have also prepared my resume and cover letter for the job interview practice. The job that I will be pretending to interview for is an internship position at the United Nations. In the coming weeks I will also be reading more about the job position in order to be prepared for my interview in a couple weeks.