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    This is basically what I said:
    This year we started by emailing 60 schools to ask if they were interested in the Hotchkiss follow up project, around 20 responded, by the last quarter only 2 consistently replied. During the 4th quarter, Cary Academy students wanted to make plans for a website starting next year. This would be a more convenient way to share progress and ideas. Towards the end of the quarter I sent out an email to the junior and sophomore classes to see if there was anyone interested in environmental science and willing to take over the project. Nobody responded which was another challenge I’ve had throughout the year. I was talking with Nana and she said she would take over the project if she could share her research with Bokashi composting. This was a great connection between the components of environmental programs at HPA and would be a good way to share new research with other schools. It is not often a priority of small independent schools to connect with others, so this partial network of students is an important connection to start. The only way for people to become aware of these projects is to connect with others and share what they have learned.