Week 15: 5/9-5/12

We analyzed the results and made some conclusions. First and foremost, we cannot prove anything due to our statistically insignificant results. However, we can state that our results have a general trend of smartphone usage decreasing both stress and efficiency. A possible reason for smartphones decreasing stress is the fact that, like many addictive processes, rewarding neurotransmitters are released after usage. A possible reason for smartphones decreasing productivity is the fact that an optimal amount of stress and arousal is needed to achieve peak efficiency. Yet, smartphone use may lead to someone having less than peak levels of stress and arousal, thus not performing optimally. We have also found that our study has some sources of error: equipment unreliability, it being a convenience sample (most of the students were boarders- there might be a lurking variable in boarding life or being from a different culture that may have affected the results), and students in the control group oftentimes talking to students around them. It seems that although our data is not statistically significant, our data's trend suggests that students may be better off not using smartphones before doing academic work due to their increased efficiency. Likewise, if students are feeling overwhelmed due to stress, they may benefit from using their smartphones a little bit.


Week 14: 5/1 - 5/5

This week, we unfortunately were not able to get much done. On Tuesday, Tom and I had AP exams on Tuesday, and we had a lecture from a guest on Thursday. The guest's presentation took a whole class, which was why we weren't able to work on our project. We will try to finish up everything by next week and come up with the analyzed results.


Week 13: 4/24 - 4/28

This week, we conducted some statistical analysis of our results. We have found that the average stress level was lower for the experimental group, but the average efficiency (number of questions right per minute) was also lower for the experimental group. However, we found that both the P-values for the stress and efficiency differences was far greater than the 0.05 threshold we set up. As such, our results are not statistically significant (the certainty that our results were not from chance.


Week 11, 12: 4/10-4/21

It's been long since I last wrote the weekly summary but we have a great progress: we finally reached at 60 subjects tested ! We have completed 30 subjects each for both control and experimental group. Now, we need to work on statistics of getting the p-value and graph. Also I need to get ready for the job interview on next Tuesday. Hopefully everything works out great that I can finish this project by the end of semester.


Week 10: 4/3-4/7

This week, we mostly worked on the result data. Since we still need 21 more subjects' data, we made mock data using random number generator just to see how the data would look like at the end. The data seemed to be reasonable: the p:value we got was in the range of 0-6 as it is supposed to be. I think we will be able to successfully finish the project by the end of semester.

Need 21 more subjects..


Week 9: 3/27 - 3/31

I was still at home getting physical test for Korean military.. But my partner got 5 people done !


Week 7: 2/20-2/24

End of quarter 3 is coming up pretty soon and our experiment is about half way done. We got 30 subjects tested and we have 30 more to go. Since we are having hard time getting day students tested, we changed our list of randomly picked subjects to mostly boarders. We used random number generator again, but only in the range of the boarding student. We are planing to test 5 people this week.

test 5 people


Week 6 : 2/13-2/17

This week we did 6 experiments and we have total of 27 subjects done out of 60 subjects. However, we only got boarders tested which is not good because we have bunch of day students left who we need to hunt down. Since we almost got all the boarder subjects tested, we will figure out and test the day student subjects as fast as possible. But first for this week, we are going to finish with the boarders

Get all the boarders by this week
Start finding days to test
work on spreadsheet


Week 5: 2/6-2/10

This week has gone smoothly. We had done 3 subjects done and total of 21 subjects done which is a 1/3 of the experiment. We are facing up the process to finish the project on time. We have used the google spreadsheet functions for calculating our results and it works out well. The presentation or just check out with Mr. H has gone great as well. We explained the procedures in more details and discussed about some of the blockers that we need to figure out. As the same as last week, we are planing to get 5 subjects tested. Also, calculate the P-value on the spread sheet.

get 5 people tested
calculate p-value
figure out the way to make spreadsheet do that for us


Week 4 : 1/30-2/3

This week was the same as last week; we got 5 people total this week for our experiment and it seems like the results are already coming out on the spreadsheet. Thanks to the google spread sheet, I do not have to change the range of the calculation on the spreadsheet every time the new subject result is added. I am still figuring out the way to get automatic standard deviation calculation on the spreadsheet so that I don't have to change the equation. For the testing, we are planing to get 5 people this week as well. However, one of my concern is that since we are only getting the boarder subjects first, I think we would have hard time chasing the day students.

Figure out standard deviation on spreadsheet
Get 5 people
Think about ways to get day students


Week 3 : 1/23-1/27

In this week, we planed to get 5 people for the experiment and it was successful. We are planing to do this every week in order to get 60 people by April. We also started using the spreadsheet to record the data result and we found that there are lots of useful functions in spreadsheet that we can use to calculate our data. Since I learned those functions before, I'll try to recall my memory and learn them.

Learn spreadsheet functions
Get 5 people this week
Work hard


Week 2: 1/16-1/20

It was rough week since I came back late from home and I needed to catch up with a lot of staffs. Thomas and I have started doing some statistics along with the testings. Since I am a layperson of stats, Tom thought me little lessons on stats and the terms. We could not test on anyone this week, but we are planing on testing 2 people in the next week. If we test at least 2 people in a week, we will be able to get all the subjects that we need by the end of the semester.
Learn Statistics
Get people to test
Catch up with staffs


Week 1: 1/9-1/13

I was still at home in this week because I got the Korean flu.


ISR S1 Whitepaper - Choi

Download file "ISR S1 Whitepaper - Choi.pdf"


Week 16: 11/28-12/2

Last week, we tested 9 people out of 60 so far. I think we are on track and we will be able to test all 60 subjects by the march next year if we keep on testing people in this speed. Since we have the final presentation for semester 1 this week, we are going to step back for a while and work on our final presentation. Our presentation is scheduled for Wednesday morning. I believe we will be prepared by then. After that is the end of the quarter 2 and winter break begins!! We will continue doing our hard work in the new year.

Prepare for the final presentation
Send out emails to new randomly subjects
Work hard in the S2


Week 14: 11/14-11/18

I just noticed that I was missing week 14 summary so I will write down everything I did on that week. Tom and I tested the people in our ISR class and the result came out great. We are aiming to finish testing all 60 subjects by March of 2017 and we think that it is possible. We still need to come up with get more people to participate.

Finish testing on the people who responsed to the email

Get more people

Make an announcement


Week 13: 11/7-11/11

We started testing people and we have gotten 4 people tested out of 60 so far. Since this is a year-long project, I believe we can have all the randomly picked subjects tested by the end. The experiment takes little bit more than I expected because of the math problem that takes over 5 minutes. So we might need to fix some procedures to keep the experiment short and also constant. Also, we are running out of subjects since few of 60 people have responded to the email. As a result, we need to pick new 56 subjects and also make a short announce in the public.

Continue experiment
Pick new subjects and send out email
Make announcement


Week 12: 10/31-11/4

Tom and I mostly worked on fixing the EEG scanner last week and we found out that we actually need to login to the Emotiv account to use the software for the EEG scanner. So, we have the EEG fixed and now we need to start doing experimenting. We have sent email to 60 randomly selected people asking to participate for out project and we only got few (8~10) responses back from them. However the good news is that we have 2 people in class who was randomly picked. As a result we can start from experimenting them first. But we still have to come up with a way to get more people to participate.

Start experimenting Asa
Come up with better way to get people
Make announcement at assembly


Week 11: 10/24-10/28

Last week, tom and I worked on procedure of experiment and it is complete. We have sent email to 60 randomly selected subjects to participate. However, we are having hard time getting participants because only few people responded to the email and the rest just ignored. As a result, we need to come up with better plan to get more people to cooperate. This week, we are going to make a announcement in assembly and start doing the experiment with the few people who have responded to the email.

Start experiment
Make announcement
How are you going to use the data?


Week 10: 10/17-10/21

Last week was short week after long parents weekend. Tom and I played enough with the EEG device and figured out procedure that we are going to be using for 60 subjects. Using my phone we will be testing people anywhere in campus and we will be testing 2 areas: stress and productivity. The EEG device is tricky because it sometimes gives out all the result and sometime doesn't saying that it is not connected well. So this week, I will be fixing the device to work property. Also, I will send out email to 60 subjects to cooperate.

send out email
Start thinking about using the data for machine learning