MangoES Data Points (8/3/2015)

today we continued trying to get the data points to work on mango.
We started replicating the working CO2 control by web HTTP retriever on 52 onto 72.
Out of curiosity, I tried regexing the XML state page, but that failed.
However, one I changed it back, it worked on 72.
This means that using httprequest only works on HTML, not on XML, so we are limited to only using TCPIP when we need XML.
I then tried getting HTML data from the Helco main meter, but this did not work as the value is loaded once the page loads, not immediately.
Because that wouldn't work, we decided to create a TCPIP source instead of an HTTP retriever.
We gave it the correct regex and set up the point.
It works!
This means that we can only collect data onto the beta mango on in the following ways:
Control By Web TED sensors
TCPIP XML yes sometimes?
HTTP Retriever sometimes? no