Mango System (8/12/2015)

Today we continued fixing up our mango system.
One problem we noticed was the scale, as the total energy consumption showed up as less than the consumption of one building.
We found that this was because the CBW returned a value with unit kW, not W.
We also noticed this problem with the pparray and elabsolar.
Once we created meta datapoints tp scale it by 1000, it all works!
The main_energy is much higher than all the other values, and is a larger sum than all things we measure.
We are having trouble with the provided autologin script.
We tried implimenting it the way the ORU site did:
but it still sent us from our public dashboard :8080/public-dashboards/index.shtm to the login page. :8080/login.htm
We decided to post the forum:
We are awaiting a response.
Besides this one issue, we have everything else fixed with Mango and my web interface.
We are now working on creating the Netatmo PHP app that will query all the data and display it as HTML text.
Here is a good tutorial we found: