Independent Science Proposal (A Long Time Ago)

On Immersive Data Interfaces
Davy Ragland
Hawaii Preparatory Academy
Senior Year 2014-2015

This project follows the natural progression of immersive human machine interfaces, allowing a person to interact inside a three dimensional workspace. This intuitive interface will be programmed with the software development kits of technologies such as the Oculus rift for 3D visual immersion, Computer assisted design for environments that take in input, the Leap Motion for user input, and Networking and web development for connecting the interface to existing workspaces. In summary, this will enable a person to truly see, work, and build in all three dimensions, rather than just through a flat screen.

The purpose of this study is to research and develop methods of coding an immersive data computer interface using available technology.
During this project, I will develop a digital interface using technology that will convert input such as human gestures and motions into output such as moving through a computer or pressing keys. In order to do that, I will first develop an adequate understanding of the gesture reading technology and the steps needed to adopt that technology into other data systems. Then, I will learn to use the Leap Motion and the Oculus Rift for applications and systems that already exist for each piece of technology. Once the fundamentals are taken care of, I will move on to attempt to access the input data and convert it into a format usable by other interactive data systems. Here, I will work with the software developer kits and scripting languages, so that I will be able to modify the interface so that it is compatible with the user’s natural gestures. For example, through this technology, a turn of the head could cause the screen to also turn within the virtual world, and a clench of the hand could allow one to open a virtual file, or preform a function, etc. During this course, through research, the use of the Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, and software development and programming, I will learn how to construct an immersive data interface.
From this study, I hope to gain experience and knowledge about the hardware and software needed to allow a user to be immersed in their digital workspace. The outcome will be a digital system comprised of the Leap and Oculus Rift technology that would allow a user to view data and interact with it through a more natural, integrated way. Specifically, I expect to learn how to program the technology to convert a user’s motion into simple digital commands to allow a human to perform basic functions within the computer. Through this project I can learn how to develop, program, and use this technology together as a system, creating a far more immersive virtual reality than conventionally experienced. I plan to learn all this information by means of both studying what has already been done, and through an application of the technologies through a developed, planned, and programmed system, a method of hands-on learning. By the study’s completion, I hope to have successfully implemented an immersive human machine interface using this enabling technology.
Grading will be assessed through the weblog student log book and performance assessments.
I will meet with my supervising faculty member at least twice a week.
Project name:
On Immersive Data Interfaces
Project Purpose:
The purpose of this study is to research and develop methods of constructing an immersive data computer interface using available technology.
What will you measure?
How to program and design a virtual data interface.
What tools will you use to measure this?
Leap Motion, Oculus Rift, Unity3D, C#, and 3Dimentional design programs.
What resources do you need?
I need nothing.
What impact will your project have? (HPA, locally, globally)
It will be a virtual way of interacting with digital media.
The media could have local relevance (files, databases, nature pictures, etc).
It shows the potential of integrating this technology together, for a composite function, and it creates a method for creating more immersive human machine interfaces.
What legacy will your project leave?
It will establish that it is possible on a high school level, and everything will be left over and open to whoever wants to add more stuff, as is digital, so it can take whatever input is desired.