MangoES Data Points (8/4/2015)

    Today we continued to add more data points.
    We started with scripting points, because we needed a way to combine the three phases of a building into a total consumption data point.
    Here, we declare the variables through the GUI.
    We then assign their sum to another variable.
    We then create the data point with the variable.
    However, it did not work.
    We tried modifying the variables and script, but we still could not get it to return a value.
    Also, the return value; statement causes it to crash.
    We also decided that we are no longer going to be hosting off of the slow ES, but we will be using the more powerful Mac.
    Thus, I had to move all of our web interface over to
    I then set up a guest login, and gave it the forwarding URL.
    Now, whenever someone wants to look at the data, they just go to, login, and are sent to the telemetry map.
    I then worked on migrating the data sources and data points themselves.
    Because they are both the beta version of Mango, there should be no incompatibility errors.
    I started by creating a configuration Json object, and importing that into 4.33.
    I then had to give the correct read permissions to the guest user.
    It now works!