Mango Data Points (8/10/2015)

Today we finished adding the rest of the control-by-web and the-energy-detective sensors to
We decided to continue with TCP/IP for the TEDs, the HTTP Retriever for CBWs, and only TCP/IP if the CBW doesn't render the value on the server instead of the browser.
We then put multiple phases under a single source id they had the same IP.
We then used a Meta data source to add up all of the values.
The meta point returns float sum!
We did this or the Tennis Center,
Energy Lab,
Gates Performing Arts Center,
Dowsett Pool,
Castle Gymnasium & Colson Courts,
Taylor Commons Building,
and the Technology Center & Faculty Workroom.
All of the sensors work!
Now, we have all of the TEDs and CBWs done, and have everything that we are measuring inside the Mango interface.
The empty buildings are empty because they don't measure energy and only measure the atmosphere with Netatmos, which are the next step.