New Project Idea

    Wanting to continue research with the brainwave kit, I decided to start a new project!

    What makes a good studying environment for a student? What makes an environment stress free?

    Project outline:
    I will test out 4-5 distinct locations with varying amount of sunlight, echo, temperature, etc... to determine what is the best
    location / environment for a student to maximize the studying. Using the NeuroSky headset, I will see the reaction of students
    in these locations, as they do a simple cognitive test. Therefore, I will be able to see how attentive they are, how much they blink,
    and how much of the information that is given to them they are actually able to absorb.

    Possible locations within HPA:
    -Student Union (Top / Bottom)
    -Energy Lab
    -A regular classroom

    Once again, I will use the rose graph to interpret the Alpha, (high and low) Gamma and Beta levels to figure out how they are easily affected by the environment.