Final Weblog

And that's a wrap!
As this year is at its end I am asked to reflect on what I have accomplished. I think my greatest accomplishment is not getting sidetracked over all the various projects I was involved in. During the second semester I helped out with making the power supplies and this is when I learned how to solder on electrical wires. In addition to this I also helped out with the Hydroponics up here at the ELAB. In addition to always helping out with the many amazing projects up here, my main project was to work with the HI-SEAS Mauna Loa group and monitor their telemetry.
Although it was a challenging main project I found it to be the most enjoyable. The reason for this was seeing all the drama take place. Although this may seem a little strange, the drama is what made it so funny. Being able to know these things like I was getting some secret intel made me laugh a little harder and louder. Who knew that NASA Astronauts could be so childish sometimes??
All in All, this project has been so eye opening and has allowed me to have an open mind when approaching any situation and how to stay calm when I am waiting for response but also to remember that I am not alone in any project. There are always going to be people in the same boat that I will always be able to ask for help.

Below are a few bullet points about my experience this year in the period D ISR class.

1. What was your original proposal (copy this into the weblog)?

To extend my knowledge of the HPA Energy class and learn how to take data from a monitor and turn it into a dashboard that is easy to read and will help the Astronauts on the Mauna Loa HI-SEAS mission to Mars.

2. Who did you collaborate with or not, and how did that impact your project?

I mainly collaborated with the guys from the crew:
Laura Lark
Ansley Barnard
James Bevington
Samuel Payler
Brian Ramos
Joshua (Earl) Ehrlich
These guys were awesome but also a pain to talk to due to the 20 minute time delay.
I also collaborated with Hailey Briseno who was such an amazing person to work with in class and outside. I could always count on her to be there when I needed some advice on how to make a dashboard look nice.
Dr. Bill was the greatest person whom I collaborated with due to him being the teacher but the real mastermind behind the project.

3. What legacy does your project leave for others?

This project leaves behind a legacy of connection between NASA and the ELAB. Allowing students to get in contact with such a well known name like NASA is really a trip. It's so unique to be able to have students know the astronauts on Mauna Loa and also be aiding them in their own project. There will be students who will take after me next year when the astronauts come out of the dome.

4. If you are coming back next year, where will you pick up, what will you need, and if you have submitted a proposal, copy it here. If you are not, do the same for someone who might be following in your footsteps.

I will not be returning next year sadly. I am a senior and will be going off to college. If any student wants to continue this project, which I hope someone wants to, I hope they are aware of the communication that goes into this project. It is not just YOUR project it is NASA's and we are only helping them.

5. If you were describing your year in ISR to a stranger, what would you say? What did you learn? What were your greatest challenges and how did you overcome them? What are you most proud of? What would you have done differently?

ISR has helped be know what I was to pursue in college and I have come up with new ways to achieve my goal of Marine Biology. Although my project was not ocean based seeing the astronomical side of things really broadened my knowledge and understanding of the universe as well as our planet.
My greatest challenge in this class was time. I always wanted to do more and get more done so I ended up staying after class or coming in during my off periods to work on dashboards. Also, a hard part of this project is attending to everyones needs. The guys on Mauna Loa will email you to tell you they need something done.
I am most proud the hard work that I put into this project and every dashboard. I really do wish that I could have managed my time for the daily and weekly dashboards so that I would have had more to say.

All around this project was amazing and I am so sad to be leaving next year to college. I hope that I can take my knowledge of telemetry and take it to the next level of science and really exile.

With lots of Aloha,
Annaliese Everett

Signing off



Today was my presentation day. I went to talk with mrs.Pettys and I believe that it went very well.



Today Dr.Bill and I looked over the yearbook and saw that they did not put in his photo as faculty/ staff but instead put in the maintenance man. I thought that was very funny.
We also listened to the 3D sound.



I was absent



Today I was able to start the slide show for my presentation on Monday 5/8/17
These are a few photos that I will be adding onto my presentation



The crunch of the red lava rock up on Mauna Loa, crisp air hitting my face and I step put of the car. I’m a little nauseous from the hour-long car ride up the steep terrain of bumps and uneven road. I look out to see nothing but sharp lava rock blanket the slopes of both Mauna Loa and the sun kissed Mauna Kea with snow sprinkled on its top. I turn around to find this dome, like a snow globe, covered in a red cameo sheet. I am overwhelmed with excitement. This is my project and I’m really standing right in front of it. Walking up to the white metal door with a red sign with white letters reading, HI-SEAS my heart beats faster. This is moment ill be meeting the extraordinary NASA HI-SEAS crew for the very first time and seeing exactly where will be trapped for the next 8 months. I hear Dr. Bill call out my name as I walk inside. Hailey is standing next to me. I am in awe with the realness of It all. I am helping NASA with a mission to Mars. I look around at the dome and all I can see is monitors streaking the walls, hearing the wind causing the back door to flap. I am now taking notes in my book. Shaking with excitement I can barely draw a straight line. More and more questions come flooding to my head about the mission. My thirst for the answers almost causes me to interrupt Dr. Bill from talking to the crew. I am holding my tongue but letting my mind wonder. The possibilities are endless with this project. Who knew that I would be able to make such a close friendship with this crew and the projects they are doing. I talk to each of them about their projects and their eagerness to allow me to help.

Am I crying? It feels like I am. But I’m not. Its just sweat, anxiety and stress overwhelming my senses. I feel like no one would know what I’m talking about if I scream out for help. I look over next to me. Hey Hailey, how does this look? What should I do now? Her response is, “it looks amazing! Good job!” my heart drops. Thank you for your words my friend. Little did I know what I was getting myself into with the multiple emails from people I didn’t even know in addition to the NASA HI-SEAS crew asking me to do all sorts of things for their personal dashboards and school and tests and…. Breathe. Take a deep breath. Remember what Hailey said. She helped me by just saying the simplest thing as, Good Job. Even though she was not apart of my project Hailey was the one who helped me stay calm and work through it all. Knowing she would be sitting to my right every class allowed me to know that I always had someone to go to and say, what do you think?

I monitor the telemetry for the NASA’s mission to mars located on Mauna Loa. I have been working on communications and personal data dashboards for the crew. Each of them has a job and my overall job is to make sure everything is working up there. I want to take all of my knowledge of telemetry to the next level of science.



Presentation outline:

Oklahoma dad- oil, agriculture, livestock

"i stepped onto mars"

Starting point-Energy class, grids and PV as well as monitors

Walked around campus and was hooked.

Dad internship and PV

I was in the first semester energy class with Dr. Bill. I got interested in monitors such as PV, Solar thermal and dashboard creations. Austin and I started talk to Dr. Bill about getting involved in the NASA HI-SEAS project after he asked us if we were interested in the program that was going on and about what is going on with this simulation to Mars.

ISR-2nd semester-helped with project

I was asked to help with the project and after getting more and more involved, I decided to change into the second semester ISR where I could work on the NSAS project more and be able to spend more time on it. I became in charge of the telemetry that went a long with HI-SEAS and I was even able to get a chance to go up to Mauna Loa and go inside the habitat and meet the astronauts. I went up there with Hailey and my mother and taught the team about the dashboard I would be making for them. It was amazing to get to talk to them about everything and be able to see and locate all the monitors within the Hab.

Getting started with NASA-Why I was interested in it

The biggest reason I wanted to get involved with the project besides it

Taking monitors from an astronomical sense and turning it into marine biology

How to talk to people and come up with a systematical way to communicate to people and my classmates


Be in college-collaboration- remote monitoring

Come out, be a freshmen in college



Presentation outline:
  • Starting point-Energy class, grids and PV as well as monitors

  • ISR-2nd semester-helped with project

  • Getting started with NASA-Why i was interested in it
  • Went up to Mauna Loa- H
  • Taking monitors from an astronomical sense and turning it into marine biology
  • How to talk to people and come up with a systematical way to communicate to people and my classmates

  • Hydroponics

  • be in college-collaboration
  • come out, be a freshmen in college
Simon SNIEK video



I was absent due to chronic migraines.


4.19/ overview

Today we talked about our presentation and looked at the rubric. In the next week or two there will be emails out to us the time and location.
Dr. Bill also emailed an email about the HI-SEAS guys and their simulation for protocol evacuation.

Jay went crazy and yelled at Brian and Kim.
change management form- to inform what is changed. CVS



Today I checked on 180 and talked to Dr. Bill about what Earl asked me with his dashboard. Here is what he asked:

I finished his dashboard and got the low down on what is going on in the Hab. Jay sent out a video to Bill thanking him for the work but also saying how he isnt going to listen... kinda.


4.10-4.15 overview

1. Working with the crews dashboards
2. working with Ansley on sustainability within the habitat
3. Working on the public dashboard
4. Working with Brian on Hawaiian
5. Hydroponics at the ELAB with other students- kratky method

These are the 5 projects I've been working on and will be taking about the 4 aspects of NASA that have been fixed, made, helped out by me.



Today I emailed the crew and started to wrap up the loose ends of the dashboards. I will be starting on making the presentation video for the end of year showcase next class and have stared to gather all of my materials.
1. Working with the crews dashboards
2. working with Ansley on sustainability within the habitat
3. Working on the public dashboard
4. Working with Brian on Hawaiian
5. Hydroponics at the ELAB with other students- kratky method

Standard Dashboard:



Today Kama and I went to the bamboo classroom to take photos of the herb box that was finished as well as the small germinating starters.
He and I were able to finish adding in the pond liner and screwing it in as well as measuring the stylophone out and got the cups to put the starters in.



Today I talked about the mission with Bill and how the whole crew has been using Skype and their own system for wifi which is NOT allowed. They are non compliant at all.
in addition to this I did some research on the NASA MEDLI:

Laura Larke wants a 15 second video of us waving for 15 seconds.


4.3-6 overview

This week was about getting my Kratky method of hydroponics up and running. With the help of Kama and Dr. Bill i was able to get it all done. From measuring all the wood pieces to sawing to just fixing a few screws here and there.

The NASA project is going well. The dilemma right now is with Jay. He has ben running the show illegally.
I have been talking to Dr. Bill about a way he can get all the guys involved with NASA to get a "go ahead" to change something.
Dr. Bill said he was going to do a Yes and No list for what they can and cant touch.



Today Kama and I worked on the Dorm garden to try and cut down the sides and we used the hand saw. not only that but we were able to complete it and hope to get it set to go with pond liner next class.



Today there was a lot of talk about the presentations for the end of the quarter. I will be working on a video that i will be sending to the guys up at the Hab.
There will be a email sent out to the leader of the group at the Hab, Jay who is misbehaving and disconnecting all the footage. However, despite this the dashboards are still up and running.
All the dashboards will be moved to 170
There is a change management form as well that will allow the team to input what they would like to change in the hab.



Today I accomplished setting up a side for my hydroponics system and Kama helped me. We had to go to the bamboo classroom and back up.


27-30 summary

This week was mainly about getting back into the swing of things. With the new "drama" with the habitat group and the new students taking tours of the campus, I can only hope that next week will go smoother.
This week there was a lot done. Ansley and I were in contact and I was able to get back on track with all the dashboards and try to add/fix certain widgets on them.