Vanessa Gary's Project Proposal

    Vanessa Gary’s Independent Science Research Proposal

    Abstract: My proposal is this; to use myself as a test subject to determine whether or not biofeedback can be used to impact some symptoms of depression (and possibly anxiety).

    Title: Biofeedback and Depression

    Background: I studied a bit of depression last year in my psychology class, and have personally struggled with a bit of depression myself. I don’t really have any background in the area of the study of brainwaves though.

    Purpose: During the first semester I’ll be using the online depression cognitive test along with the data that I’ve written down in a spreadsheet to compare and contrast the results of the test with the data of my spreadsheet. The second semester will be using the biofeedback to try and see if we can change those slower brainwaves simply by outside stimulation.

    What I will measure: The first semester I will measure the results of the test and of my spreadsheet for the levels of depression. The second semester I will measure the brainwaves and how much I could change them using the outside influences.

    How I will measure it: Possibly day by day with the test and spreadsheet for the first semester. Second semester with a headset and whatever program is needed to measure the brainwaves.

    Tools/resources needed: The online test for the first semester, and the internet for extra research. I’ll also be using the help and knowledge of Dr. Bill and Ms. Sebastian. For the second semester we’ll use the headset to measure the brainwaves.

    Impact: I’m really only hoping for a personal impact, and if it’s a successful project, then maybe it could help other people as well.

    Legacy: Hopefully this could be a helpful solution for people with depression, and maybe another student could take this project further or modify it for their own needs or personal interests.