Title: The Future of Drones

    Abstract: This project is built to help learn about the aspects of flying and quadrotors. To learn those two things their will be many other things i’ll need to learn. This will help me learn and be able to teach about lift, pitch, and yaw. These three things are the basis of flight maneuverability. Learning to build a quad-rotor from parts is a great experience and learning point.

    Background: A quad-rotor or otherwise know as a quad-copter, is a helicopter having four rotors. Quadrotors are getting a lot better but there is many limitations to them. Their flight time is one of the worst things. The flight time is reliant on the battery capacity, but with having a bigger battery means more weight. So that means you’ll need bigger engines. The bigger the engines the more electricity is drained from the battery. Right now some of the best quadrotors can fly for 25-30 minutes. That is the biggest flaw of the quadrotors. I feel like this project can help me out a lot. I am trying to go into the aeronautical engineering field in college and I want become a pilot. So I believe this project can help me prepare for wanting to become a pilot.

    Purpose: My purpose is to learn how to build my own drone and help the school. It can help with garden surveying and taking photos. I am trying to go into the aeronautical engineering field in college and I wanna become a pilot.

    Measurements: I will be measured by how my project is presented. Its hard to really measure a project that is being built. So the measurements will be done by what I do every class and how I document the project. After every class I will be doing my blogs and updating my progress. I will include pictures, screenshots and code write ups to show my progress.

    What I Will Build: I want to build a quad-rotor that can have longer flight times. Increasing the flight time can allow people to do many other things with it.

    How I Will Build It: The design of the quad-rotor will go through different phases. I will have the prototype phase, the prototype phase will be built out of two older quad-rotors. It will give me a good basis for my build. I can work more on the transmission and flight control. After I can get those two things good. I can then refine and build the final quad-rotor. I can use many different materials to build the final robot. I will need to keep it light so im looking at maybe PVC or carbon fiber.

    Procedure Overview: We would like to create a quad rotor for the school to use to film at games and activities. We are going to try and make a quad rotor that can fly longer. We want to be able to make the quad rotor to have multiple attachments and be able to do many other things to help the campus. Also some attachments that can help people in need. Maybe use by Fire and Rescue or Lifeguards.

    Tools/Resources Needed: The primary resources will be the internet, but also we will use articles, field work, and experiences. The tools I will need is already at the Energy Lab. I will be working in with the woodshop equipment and the robotic equipment. The main parts I will need are the OpenPilot Flight Controller, 4 Strokeless motors and a battery. Im also looking at maybe making a hybrid that will use a battery and a combustion engine. This could help make the flight time longer I think.There maybe some small parts we might need, but there is a few old drones laying around the energy lab that I can use.


    I hope to impact the school and maybe even the whole world. The quad rotor could change the design of quad rotors. When you fly a quad-rotor you will notice that the flight time is very short. I hope to change that and make it able to fly for long times. In school I hope that this device will help survey the garden and help survey/ capture many memories in the next year at HPA. Globally, hopefully if I can get it quiet maybe military services or others will share this great device that I hope to build.

    Legacy: The legacy I want to leave behind is that kids at HPA can create something that will create a memorable experience and everlasting memories for themselves, with the help of the Energy Lab and many other resource. The Resources that the energy lab provides is amazing. There is somethings in there that some major companies don't have. For me I never thought that doing something like this would be so hard and complicated, but I stuck with it I want kids to take that initiative and challenge themselves in every way. Building this drone will leave my legacy of hard work and a better future for this school.