HPA Environmental Audit


    1.) The evaluating school with ProtoSTARS metric.

    2.) Localize environmental audits within the classroom measuring: sound level, light level, CO2, temperature, and humidity. Additional measurements include: pollen, mildew, mold, and smog content.


    The first part of the "ProtoSTARS Environmental Audit" I will be conducting research and imputing our schools information into the ProtoSTARS where we will be evaluated on our sustainability performance using its metric. The second part of the "ProtoSTARS Environmental Audit" I will be conducting and retrieving information that will provide conclusive evidence about each classroom environment on this campus, with the help of the tools given by Dr. Bill. The information given with the second part of this project may be able to improve the health of the individuals on campus, increase productivity, decrease maintenance checkups, and in the end will yield cost effective solutions.