S2 Weekly Summary #13

This week was the last week of ISR. I had my final presentation for which I got really good feedback by Mrs. Petteys and Mr. Halstead. We also had the exhibition at which I had very interesting conversations with Mr. McKendry and other teachers and students. I was kind of sad after this week of ISR because I won't be taking that class next year, but I will continue building my drone as my capstone in my Senior year.
I would like to thank Mr. Halstead for being an amazing instructor and for always being there to assist when needed.


S2 Weekly Summary #12

In this week I started preparing for my final presentation and I also started the calibration of the motors by using the software LibrePilot.
I also calibrated the transmitter and after that, I was able to control the drone with it. I started creating a google slides presentation for May 17th. I am already really nervous although the interview isn't in four days.


S2 Weekly Summary #11

I this week we set times for our individual interviews with Mr. H to test us on our interviewing skills. I also finished soldering the powerboard so it could adapt to the battery and ESC's. I will be interviewed next week Thursday on my Job posting by Airbus.
The next days during the week I spent my time preparing for this interview and I hope that I will be able to wow my interviewer.


S2 Weekly Summary #10

In this week we started talking about the job postings we wrote down last week and we found out that we had to write a resume letter for one of the job postings we researched. On my drone, I fixed up the motherboard of it so it doesn't just loose hang around. I am still waiting for the last motor.


S2 Weekly Summary #9

In this week I started setting up the electronics with the CC3D, ESC's, receiver and Voltage controllers. I connected all the wires form the CC3D to the receiver and then connected all of them to the ESC's. Next week I will calibrate three of the motors and three of the ESC's because I don't have the fourth motor so I have to wait for the last motor to arrive and I will complete the electronic setup.


S2 Weekly Summary #8

This week was the week right after break and I got really excited because all my parts finally arrived and I could start my assembly. In just a short time i got really far. I finished soldering all my ESC's and I already strapped them to the frame. All the motors are also screwed to the frame. Next week I will start assembling the main frame including the voltage controller, CC3D, Transmitter, Battery etc.
Last Friday I stayed an hour longer to finish up the ESC's and strap them to to the frame which was really worth it.


S2 Weekly Summary #7

This week I continued my research and watched the video again and this time took notes on specific points during the assembly. Then I wrapped up my weekly summary's and did a bit more research on drones and how to assemble them properly.


S2 Weekly Summary #6

This week I kept researching on tips and tricks to finish the assembly of my drone nice and clean. At the end of the week I found out that Ilan and Daniel were working on a similar project which also involved a drone. But I am going a step further and will make the drone go on water when it doesn't have the power to go in the air anymore. I also planned to include a self recharging system which I will decide how to do and may include later.

Asana Tasks
:More research
:start planned assembly (as soon as parts arrive)
:watch assembly video and take notes


S2 Weekly Summary #5

In this very exciting week I finally found the perfect video to make my drone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaSpYWjGCIU
This video told me everything I needed to know and now I can finally start the assembly of my UAV. The video was so good that it told me what parts I need and how to do everything. But before I order the parts I will create a Google Spreadsheet to have a look over all my parts and what they cost. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13_PdN3pCYp7JcyiWasfksC545vDqeymJjYktc3sJ-vU/edit#gid=1560949813 This is the link in which I have the document. I would say that I am ready to built this and I am very excited for next week because me and Mr. Halstead will order the parts and hope that they will arrive soon.


S2 Weekly Summary #4

In this week I continued my research on a website on which I will order my parts for my UAV. Originally I said that I'd find a URL last week but it is not that easy to find a website on which I can order everything and get it for a reasonable price. so far I have about 4 URL's that I saved which could be the one. My #1 helping website or device was the website https://www.instructables.com/ on which I can find a bunch of ways to built anything I can think of.

Download file "Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 10.47.46 AM.png"


S2 Weekly Summary #3

This week was basically the same as last week but I think that I am really close to finding a good website which is just right for me and my parts. Next week I will find the site and order all the parts to finally start my delayed assembly of my UAV. I wouldn't say that I had a Highlight this week because as I said I was only searching for parts and components.


S2 Weekly Summary #2

In this week I finally got something done. I continued my research on drone DIY ( Do it Yourself ) kits but they would have been like a lego set I ordered off the internet. So I have to continue my research on drone parts I can all order off of one website and then assemble them on my own. So I am probably going to continue looking for a good website which will provide me with the components I need.
Asana Tasks:

Continue research
Order parts
Assemble them


S2 Weekly Summary #1

This week was really pulled out of the ordinary because I was two days late for school because my flight was cancelled. And then I arrived on Tuesday in the evening. So this week I sadly only had one class of ISR but in this class I luckily got a lot done for only one class. On that day I figured out another way to approach the electronics in my vehicle.

Asana Tasks: - Write S2 Project plan
- Work on different approach
- Get organization and sleep schedule back on track


S1 Weekly Summary #16

This week a couple of students in our period had their presentations. While I was working on my Whitepaper and final presentation. These two grades will make or brake my semester grade in ISR. I also took a bunch of pictures to put in my presentation and Whitepaper.

Asana Tasks:
Finish Whitepaper
Complete and study presentation
Make the presentation great!!!


S1 Weekly Summary #15

This week I finally got the flight controller with the CC3D working which was really exiting because if I wouldn't have gotten it working I wouldn't have anything working to present. on Thursday and Friday we practiced for our presentations for the next week. On Friday we looked at the rubric for the semester Whitepaper.

Asana Tasks:
Work on Whitepaper
Take pictures for Presentation
Analyse prep presentation video


S1 Project Plan - Herre

Download file "Projectplan-Herre.pdf"


S1 Formal Proposal - Herre

Download file "FormalProposal-Herre.pdf"


S1 Weekly Summary #14

This week I made a tremendous progress. I continued testing my flight controller with the Fly Sky control. Since I didn't have the calibration software on my laptop till Friday I needed Mr. H by my side to calibrate the fight controller. On Friday I got the software myself and started testing again but without any success. Then I had to solder two wires together that are connected to a plug to create some sort of transition in the flight controllers antenna. But this wasn't the problem with it either. The highlight of this week was of course the testing of the fight controller with my laptop. My current status in my project is probably yellow because I'm making a lot of progress but still kind of stuck with the flight controller.

Download file "IMG_3932.JPG"


S1 Weekly Summary #13

This week was as exciting as the last one. I was looking for a way to test the motors without the ESC's because I didn't want to break anymore of them. Thats why I decided to test them with a real flight controller to physically change the throttle. I was planning on to start this on Thursday but Sienna needed me so she could test me for her project. So after that I finished plugging the connections to the flight controller. I knew how to do that because looked through the research of a former student that did something like me. The highlight of this week was my box upgrade.


S1 Weekly Summary #12

In this week I finally got to testing out my ESC's with the application Arduino which was really awesome. The first motor with the ESC worked perfectly but the next couple of motors weren't working and then ruined my ESC by smoking it up. i don't know what the problem was but my homework was to do some research on testing ESC's and how to regulate the amount of energy that flows through it. The highlight of this week was my short but exciting testing phase with Mr. H. I hope my research will help me to make good progress again.