Project Proposal


    Abstract: I am looking to expand my knowledge and experience in mechanical engineering and repair. I can start by working on the electrical golf carts at the energy lab and work my way up from there to more complex vehicles.
    Title: Mechanical Experience Project a.k.a working golf carts
    Background: I feel that this skill is important for anyones everyday life, but it is rarely taught. I work on alot of small engine vehicles; ATVʻs, motorcycles, mopeds, etc. but I know there is alot more I can learn. This project will expand my knowledge from gasoline engines to include electrical vehicles, including renewable energy vehicles.
    Purpose: Gain knowledge of mechanics through experience repairing and upgrading two 48 Volt electrical golf carts.
    Tools: Basic hardware (box wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.) Possibly a breaker bar, torque wrench and electrical equipment
    Impact: The impact ranges from HPA to local. Finding a way to convert our conventional electric golf cart to run off of itself.. It will also give me the knowledge and experience that contributes to me becoming a mechanic or engineer.
    Legacy: The legacy I hope to leave behind is to introduce students to a different form of science and engineering which is less common. To give students the knowledge that I believe to be a necessity in life, but is not commonly taught or excercised.