IS Proposal

    Universal Phone Remote


    My project will hopefully be an application that can help you interact with your computer and lots other things you use in your daily life. I will create the app for IOS to be compatible with OS X then later will add Android and Windows.


    The application that I will be creating will be used to improve they way we communicate with are computers and other technology. Almost everyone has a computer and phone, one thing these two pieces of technology do not have is a way to interact with each other to simplify your daily life. My goal is to make a simple application that the user can customize based on what they want out of this application. I can use tech that I already own as samples and if it works can put it on the play store/app store for anyone to use. Another application I could make or add to my Remote would be a app for ordering coffee. This could be used for sameer's project as a fundraiser to attract customers that are traveling to and from the Energy Lab.


    The purpose of this application is for someone to be able to control their computer with there phone in ways that they haven't been able to before. This application can save time by doing tasks that you would need to be in front of your desktop or laptop from anywhere in the world (hopefully).


    For tools and resources for this project I Have a windows computer and a mac computer as well as a android and IOS phone that I can use. Since this is my first time creating an application on my own I may need some help on programming it and testing it. I have downloaded Xcode and am watching tutorials on how to create an application and use bluetooth.


    This application will help people interact with their computer in a fast simple way using their smartphone or tablet. This will help people save time and do tasks that they couldn't have done before.


    My legacy at HPA will hopefully be a project that can help new students get into coding. Hopefully if anyone in the future wants to do anything with coding they can look at my page to get some help. I hopefully will leave behind me a project that can guide and bring new students into coding.