• white - 5V to +

black - ground to -

Yellow - negative to row A

Red - positive to row C

Resistor - row A to Row B (makes row B negative)

LED - positive (Row C) to negative (row B)

  • Turn on w/ Python

  • Blinking (variable pin, number of blinks, blink length)


remote desktop through vnc

  • installed/set-up vnc server, logged in using vnc viewer

Networking Notes:

  • outbound traffic from inside network

rasp pi

port 80

port 22

web browser automatically port 80 (:80)

tell browser go to 10.14

ssh :22

private network (intranet) 10.14.asdkfjas

ip address

not on local network goes to router

goes to ip address (dns server)

sends packet to door - sends to your ip address

internal addresses given by router

  • inbound traffic from inside network

proxy network - login to router - allows part of 10.14 network

port forwarding - program router to go to specific computer or server 10.14

(log into network - get own 10.14 address)

remotely login ssh


the sloppiest soldering job that ever was (6/17/2015)

Put together a variable power supply kit, AC to DC
EV=0 (loop)
EI=I (junction)
Transformer: electromagnet lowers voltage, coil ratio = voltage difference
Capacitor: store charge, releases all in burst
Diode: only allows current in one direction, turns AC to DC - makes negative half of sin wave above zero (half-period)
Capacitor and transitor: rounds wave to straight line (constant, stable voltage) to power device
Variable resistors: change resistance and constant current to change voltage


Raspberry Pi (6/15)

  • Davy helped install Raspbian
  • Messed around with/"practiced" Unix stuff taught earlier
  • Set static IP address /etc/network/interfaces






(get from ifconfig and netstat -nr)

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade


Unix Intro

(Davy lessons)

ls list
- flag affects how program acts
-la long all
ls -la show all files in current directory
/ root
cd / root
cd .. back to directory
cd change drive
pwd print working directory
sudo super user
cat output (text inside .txt)
nano text editor

output | function
| = pipe
echo "done"
(done = indicates executed)

7 - 7 - 7
Readable, Writeable, Executable
You, Group, Everyone

sudo chmod 777 file name

Execute file name

Grep blah fines line w/ specific text (ex: blah)
ls -la blah* lists anything with line blah

sudo nano blah.txt
sudo nano
Program = output
Delete rm
Open application


2014/2015 Final Project Summary

Bipolar II Disorder's Effect on Brainwaves

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that causes extreme shifts in mood, energy, sleep, and behavior. The disorder is defined by oscillating periods of over and under arousal between emotional highs (mania/hypomania) and lows (depression). Having been diagnosed in 2012, I’ve been looking to explore the physiology of my bipolar brain. Electroencephalogram technology has allowed me to do just that. In collaboration with my doctor, I’ve been studying patterns in brainwave frequency in hopes of applying the findings to neurofeedback therapy, a type of treatment aims to train patients in self-regulation of their brain functions - the goal being to learn to pull yourself our of a depressed or manic state. Being a long-term condition, bipolar disorder is most commonly treated with medication and psychotherapy. In completing this project, I hope to see if brainwave therapy is a viable alternative or aid to the treatment of this debilitating disease.

Goals, accomplishments, challenges, what I'll leave behind:

It took a while, well, almost the entire school year to settle on a project I was truly passionate about. Starting off with independent environmental science, I learned that plowing through a textbook can never truly make up for the advantages of being in a classroom surrounding by conversations and a dynamic composed of students of several distinct backgrounds. Next was Project Green Challenge. It was a good experience for me, I think, to organize and write on sustainability topics everyday throughout October. Finally, I found my place in the Energy Lab projects delving into my own brain. It took a while to experiment and decide on which EEG headset to use, but I'm glad I was able to finish off my senior year with something so meaningful and personal to me.

It might not be feasible to pass on the study of this particular disorder to a lower classman, but maybe what I'll leave behind is the idea of exploring the brainwaves of those with other mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and OCD -- disorders that have become more prominent in today's society and will benefit from any further research we can manage to supply.

Thank you Dr. Bill for your constant support and for making available to all of us the countless opportunities the Energy Lab has to offer.



Outlined final project video - will film later today!



Put presentation together, made powerpoint, etc.
Went much better than expected?


Q4: Weekly Summary 6

AP season is in full swing and I'm grateful for the additional time to study.
For next week's presentation I'll have to start reflecting on how I've spent the year here at the energy lab and consider how many times my goal/project has morphed into another. Not sure if that's good or bad.



Studied for APs
Looked over rubric for next week's presentations



Studied for more upcoming APs. Will deal with Schorn's thing after these couple weeks of testing and stress are over...



Out of class today for AP Calculus exam


Q4: Weekly Summary 5

I spent this week gathering data. With the year coming to a close, I'm going to have to move onto the actual brainwave therapy portion of the project. Will be using combination of Muse, MindwaveMobile, and EEG Recorder for this. Have a few APs coming up this week and the next. Will also have to start preparing for end-of-the-year presentations.



Today I reviewed previous logs of Mindwave recordings. Might start using Brainwave Visualizer in combination with the Muse to test out brainwave therapy as it offers a much more visual reference to which one can concentrate on changing their brainwaves.



Delta waves high today - peaked at 2820742.
Mailani also dropped by with some astronomers she's been working with - really cool hearing about her work.



Alright I need to learn to read graphs...although the trends of my graph and Megan's were similar, it turns out my delta values were much higher which means the opposite of what I had concluded last class: amplitude is significant. I've got something to work with!
Also discussed with Dr. Bill the validity of what I'm doing with my independent research time and where I'm going with the project.


Q4: Weekly Summary 4

Looking to next year, setting the line-up of next year's elabbers.
Tested on neurotypical subject - delta waves just as high, so amplitude is not reliable indicator of dominant brainwave type.
Going to have to reevaluate project..not going as planned.
Can't seem to get anything out of the values from the app. May return to brainwave visualizer recordings next week.
Apologies to Dr. Bill - I strayed from the original environmental science capstone-esque plan to do PGC and to see if I could make bipolar brainwaves into a legitimate project, which I have not been able to do this semester.



May switch back to Brainwave Visualizer.
Feeling kind of bad that this isn't going as planned/isn't a legitimate e-lab project.



Tested on neurotypical subject - quick 10 seconds.
Delta waves just as high - not sure how to proceed.



Brainstormed w/ Megan potential elabbers for next year from the current junior and sophomore classes. Looked through my AP Psych textbook for EEG info. Talked with the Cornell student visiting.