Independent Course Proposal 2013-2014

Advanced (Uber) Environmental Science Survey

HPA usually has an AP Environmental Science course. This year we do not. I’m fascinated by environmental science and want to pursue this interest beyond high school and the AP course. An advanced survey course in environmental science is what I propose. I’ll follow the outline of topics of an AP Environmental Science curriculum with extreme depth in subjects I’m most interested in. This freedom to explore my interests is beyond what a normal AP course could offer me.

Purpose: To engage in an advanced survey in environmental science

What will you measure? I will cover normal AP Environmental science materials with a focus on topics I like (conservation and wildlife biology).

How will you measure it? I will utilize AP course assessments as benchmarks of the depth of my coverage.

Tools/resources needed: Online textbooks, videos, materials found on the server

Impact: HPA is in the process of creating a Capstone program. With student access to research technology at the energy lab as well as the sea turtle research program in collaboration with NOAA, resources far beyond those of an APES course are available to me. An independent research framework enables me to combine these two together into an exciting senior year project.

This would enhance HPA’s interaction with the community. Education in this field of study would allow for the exploration of local matters in conservation, energy, food and water security, etc. This sets a model for global stewardship.

Legacy: Students will be able to look at my weblog to see what I did and create an experience of their own.