Data Risk Analyzer


    It has a computer science aspect of creating an application, and also it has business and economics aspect of assessing data for a business on Low-risk, Medium-Risk, High-Risk companies in the stock market, cybersecurity or other aspects of a company.


    This project I hope to create an app using coding of python, and possibly Javascript or one of the C languages (C, C++, C#) to be able to connect and and display stock market data. This data will include Percentage change, value of stock throughout the Day, Month, Year, ETC. In addition to tracking the stock market data I hope to make it be able to find information about a company through News sources, such as CNN, Vice or any other reputable source about the company and any deals, or other notable news that may affect the stocks, that have been leaked or confirmed. Using these facts I want to have the App analyze through all the found articles and stock market changes and be able to predict the risk of investing in the given company.


    This project will analyze data taken from the stock market directly, tracing the highs and lows and any changes throughout the day, week, month, year, etc. Also in addition to this I hope to add a feature that makes it be able to scan news sources about the companies on the stock market directly involving deals and other important information that can effect the stocks. After tacking this I hope the app will be able to analyze all the information and predict what will happen with the stocks.

    Tools and Resources:

    Human resources of Dr. Bill and Mr. H for programming , access to data on companies via internet (mostly StockMarket data), cybersecurity data (articles on recent hacks or denial of services into that company) Online and book resources for Python programming.

    What Will I Measure:

    By the end of this independent study I want to have created an app for the computer and possibly the iPhone that can analyze the risks of Investing a company, the risk of the company being hacked based on recent attacks and value of the company off of threats, and also the possible projected profit of the investing in that company. Also to have a better understanding of business.

    How Will I Measure:

    I will know that I have learned done and created the outcomes listed above when I have a application that can look up a company and project the risk-potential of a company, also I will know if the app is accurate on the risk- reward scale over time and following around 10 companies and seeing how the app scales them and how the company does over time.


    The impact of this independent study is to help companies assess their potential based on their recent trends in the stock market.


    I will leave behind the project which hopefully finished, where someone can take it up and be able to test it over a long period of time to see how the app functions and how accurate it is. In addition to this I hope to leave behind a project that will allow someone to come along and improve the app with another feature without having to go through previous steps which are already finished. Also It will be able to adapt as visuals and programming changes that future students will be able to update the visuals.