Proposal & Abstract

    The Macro-analysis of Electrical Consumption


    The purpose of this independent study is to fully analyze the data of electrical consumption in order to strive for further energy efficiency. By completing a macro-analysis based on the data from the advanced telemetry system, I will be able to identify energy fingerprints, make calculations, and go on to form sociological connections. This analysis in connection with the social aspects of electrical consumption will allow for real-world applications via modifications in consumption and conservation towards the goal of ultimate energy efficiency.

    Full Proposal:

    The reason for this independent study is to be able to monitor energy, not only in the classroom, but also in the field, in order to gain further experience with the necessary tools. Then take the monitored data and complete a macro-analysis of electrical consumption by combining the raw data, identifying patterns and making a sociological connection in order to strive for energy efficiency. This independent study is also a great opportunity for me to be able to delve further into energy monitoring and discover the multiple applications for it in my collegiate and career future. Energy is needed everywhere, especially in the form of electricity, and we use it everyday. Learning as much as I can about energy and how to manage its use as a resource is extremely beneficial. This project will give me a chance to really explore a field, which I am extremely interested in, and learn how to apply what I know to the real world whether on campus or elsewhere.

    This independent study will entail working with the advanced telemetry system on the Elab server to identify energy fingerprints and make sociological connections in order to maximize energy efficiency through informed decisions concerning the modifications in energy harvesting, storage, and conservation. I will continue my work on the campus energy audit and hopefully expand to other possible venues. By maximizing energy efficiency, I hope to help the school and other venues save both energy, which will help minimize their carbon footprint, and funds which can be used for other programs. Hopefully the changes made will be effective into the future and encourage a new level of consciousness within the community of HPA and Big Island. I will also be able to clearly display the advantages in the changes made during the campus energy audit through calculations and an end presentation.

    I expect to learn a great deal from this project, including how to interpret energy graphs, present data, and how to efficiently time energy usage. I expect to learn these skills by reviewing previous projects, researching outside sources, and speaking with my advisor.

    I will be assessed based on my online student logbook on the Physics server. I will be meeting with my supervising faculty member, Dr. Wiecking, at least once a week. In addition, I will be presenting this project on campus, in the energy lab, to my fellow peers, and possibly at outside conferences. These presentations will be in the form of a PowerPoint slide show.