Update 03/06/2018

In class today I focused my efforts on editing footage and photos of the ELAB. Apart from that, I also collaborated with Zoe McGuinness on planning out the 3D telemetry of the land above the Energy Lab. I plan to create a flight path and take photos that will allow me to help Zoe and Pix4D in order to help the 100 Acre project and task force. If wind and weather permit, I plan to fly the Inspire 1 on our next long period class.


Week of 2/25

This week was our last full week before the quarter ends. As spring break approaches, I want to take this opportunity to summarize what I have accomplished since January. One of the main things I have begun is working on the 100 acre project. Along with the rest of the drone team, I am challenging myself to take hundreds and maybe thousands of photos of the land above Hawaii Prep's campus. Although the school owns the land, nothing is being done with it. I want to help support this task force and make use of the Aina above campus grounds. Secondly, I have started to work in the production phase of videography. After shooting some beautiful scenic videos I convinced myself to put my video editing to the test. I currently am using Premiere Pro to edit some content that will be posted on the school media. I was able to get one of my final movies posted on the HPA Twitter @Hawaiiprep. Lastly, I am building/3D Printing an FPV Mini Quadcopter. I can't wait for what's to come next quarter.


Update 03/2/2018

Today I prepared for printing the 3D Models of the Mini FPV Quadcopter. I downloaded the files on the iMac that runs our Ultimaker +. After finalizing the stl. and g-code files, I proceeded to upload them to the SD card. I tried printing the main frame of the drone but the printer seemed to be down. I will work on figuring out the problem with it next class.


Update 03/1/2018

In class today I worked on preparing to 3D print a mini FPV Drone. All the components cost just around $70 and it takes just a couple of hours to assemble completely. I hope to start printing the STL Files of the 3D models next class.

Please find attached some photos of what the final product will look like:

This is the frame of the drone:


Update 02/27/2018

In class today I worked on studying new methods for aerial mapping, as well as editing my footage for the Energy Lab video. Take a look:


Week of 2/20

We had one class this week, check previous weblog for an update!


Update 02/21/2018

In class today I worked on some more editing. I came out with my first twitter post and I am waiting for Mr. Schorn to upload it. My next steps are to continue shooting the angles that no one expects. Micro to Macro!


Update 02/19/2018

In class today I worked on a micro to macro shot of the Elab and the people that interact with it. I am hoping to make another sweet shot of HPA life in action. Expect it on the Hawaii Prep social medias!!


Update 02/13/2018

In class today, I worked with Daniel and Petr on stitching a panorama of a square space of the hill behind the E-Lab. I plan to fully incorporate my photography skills and take high quality photos for the best revolution of a telemetry map.

This is a photo I took of the landscape in Mauna Lani, I hope to render the same quality for Petr's Hundred acre project:


Week of 2/04

This week I worked on organizing myself for the 100 acre project. I plan to photograph a square kilometer per day for a week, and send over the media to Zoe so she can stitch it all together. I want to use DJI's flight goggles in order to have better vision of the landscape.


Update 02/08/2018

In class today I met with Mr. Emmons and Mr. Halstead and planned the protocol for the 100 acres above the Energy Lab that HPA owns but doesn't use. They want the drone team to take hundreds of photos in order to stitch together all the frames and make a detailed topographic map.

Here's what we plan for it to look like, except much more detailed:


Update 02/06/2018

In class today I worked some more on editing my footage as well as adding my footage to the google drive.

Find attached a photo I took up the hill:


Update 02/05/2018

In class today I worked on editing some footage that I took with dji mavic.


Week of 1/28

As per my previous blog posts, I missed class this week. Please excuse.


Update 02/01/2018

Out sick.


Update 01/30/2018

I was absent today due to BIIF Semi-final game (soccer).


Update 01/29/2018

In class today I introduced myself via Skype to a prospective student from Canada. His interest in technology drew him to our Energy Lab and the endless opportunities we have here. I spoke to Oliver and if he decides to attend next year, I hope he will take on my Bionic Prosthetic Hand Project.

I also worked with Chris on taking some shots of the Energy Lab interior. We plan to have a complete video of this amazing building out soon.


Week of 1/21

This week I did a lot of planning on the rest of the semester. I am working with Chris to get an Energy Lab Video. I also plan to work with the two freshmen girls that transferred into our class and teach them more about my BPH project.

I will have more information for them as we work on the project together. Next week I plan to do some work on the hand and get it working the way it did by the end of the year last year. I also hope to finish getting the drone shots of the inside of the building.


Update 01/26/2018

In class today, Dr. Bill took us up the mountain. While he worked on repairing the batteries I flew the drone and took photos of the landscape and HPA's campus. We plan on getting the DJI spark and hope to fly it next week in preparation for international day. Where we will teach the village campus students how to fly. Please find attached a photo from today.


Update 01/24/2018

In class today, I made sure I got my two tasks complete. Firstly, I met with Mr. Doak and discussed the plan for international day. Mr. Doak works at the Village Campus and is going to bring up some of the elementary students to upper campus so that Daniel, Chris, and I can teach the younger kids how to fly a drone. Secondly, I met with two aspiring freshmen engineers to present them my project. The goal is to hand it off to them so that they can work on it for the next 4 years.