In this project, I will investigate and evaluate the Stroop effect - a psychological demonstration of interference in the reaction time of a task. I hope to classify learners and find a way to improve learning performance of each type of learners. Furthermore, I hope to diagnose any mental or health disorders based on the evaluation of the Stroop effect.

The Stroop effect is demonstrated when a subject is presented with the name of a color printed in a different color and he/she is asked to select the color of the text. It has been proven that it takes a longer time for the subject to select the correct color. I will use the priming method - an implicit memory effect in which exposure to one stimulus influences the response to another stimulus - to evaluate and analyze the results of the Stroop test. I started this project last year and I have thoroughly learned experimental and data analytical skills.

On the grounds of this effect, I want to put learners in different categorization and come up with a solution for the difficulties that each group encounters. I also hope to specifically analyze any effects of caffeine on the Stroop test performance.

What will you measure?
I will measure brain activity when the subject is taking the Stroop test. I will test people from different psychological backgrounds as well as different types of priming on a subject for multiple tests.

How you measure it?
I will count the frequencies of the brain waves recorded in the process and compare different types of waves. I also plan to code a program to automate the counting process.

Tools/resources needed:
- Tools: Emotiv EEG headset, EmotivLifeSciences software, saline solution, Research SDK, computing resources.
- Resources: Practical Approach to Electroencephalography (Mark H. Libenson), AP Psychology text book, Stroop tests.

I hope to help other learners with their learning disabilities and improve people's learning performances in general. This study will contribute to the general knowledge of neuroscience and educational psychology.

I first started this project at HPA during my junior year. When I graduate, I hope to inspire other students to continue my work in the future. This platform can be a useful tool for people who are interested in other fields to refer and research.