Day 10/19

Here is a picture of recent project phases in unreal-engine. We input it directly without any changing. The sound effect--moonlight added by me for fun worked fine. As you can see the scene is lacked of realistic and full of glitches. The only one thing showed up satsifing me was the Texture. Colors the most important visual performance were absolute great in this previous model. Interior Of Middle Room in the Unreal Engine


Day 10/17

Here is a big discussion board between George and I on the idea of a comparion among us and Apple. Using the successful company as a tech-success, we clearify our disadvantages and the important improvemnet required in future.


F period

For this week, I continued working on my 3D project. As you can see in the red bar, it shows the amount of triangles and faces in this 3D model. While I was spending my time to reduce this feature, I simplified half of triangles and faces in the model. A complicated Geometry shape could crush your PC completely with no save and no changes. For video game engine to handle this model, I have to reduce the amount of work and intense Geo-shapes in it. Unreal Engine crushed badly while I tried last week. So, I have to figure out in this way. I also wanted to separate meshes to work with game engine. (Gravity, collision).

Asana :
I am currently in yellow light for Asana project. It was really hard for me keep up my steps with my schedule. I donated two days working on this thing.


Day 8 Summary

For last week, I did a movie period of watching "Zero Days". It is an impressive intense movie of cyber attack and internet security. I understood the power of programming way more than usual. Meanwhile, I continued to work on our first priority project ---- visual reality. Here was a sample for photos scanning. I exported it as obj file in blender. MR.H would definitely realize this tiny toy what it is about. I did a scanning with his toy/tool with approximately 60 photos from X-Y-Z angles.
For our daily usage of Asana,
I paused the Tensorflow project for a little bit because I wanted to focus on my first priority project as soon as possible. Also. this new software definitely used AI to understand 3D object---for a game characters always have its own AI. I might continued my project in that way.


Day week8 summary

George and I spent the entire Sat working on this 3d model. As you can see this is an accurate 3D model base on real-life photos. There were approximately more than trillions triangles mesh in this photo. The second one was a scan of a wall. The first one was the middle room in the building.



B and D: For Friday, Dr.Bill helped us to purchase this new software. We went though the whole process of downloading the files and new work. We took out the old model from Pixel 4D compare with the new one in Capture Reality. That was a shocking comparison. From the comparison, you could see the Pixel 4D after involving in 3D mesh showed up a pitiful performance. Also, I finished a installation with 4.3 version Autopanel and AutoGiga.


Day 10/4 and 10/5

B: Today, George and I did our work in blend-web ( another term is blender-rendering real time base on web). If we would put our 3d product on HPA website, we really have to do web base coding. Blend-web was a familiar blender software's brunch for us. It made us much easier to capture and do our work. Later today, George and I found out a new software as functional as Pixel 4D. We downloaded a demo mode to work through the tutorials.
D: For D period, I continued on my study of Capture Reality. I refinished the model from last time (
Alicia CHow) not a long ago I posted another 3D scanning model that was created in Pixel 4D. With the new software (demo mode), we figured out a way way better model.


Day 10/3

B: Today, I worked on AutoGiga (a panorama software installed on a Mac machine). Dr.Bill was trying to get a updated version of it for the coming new project. We tried to connect with people in France to get an ed license. Later, George and I took a step behind of looking for a new software that could push us forward. We were trying to get an actual 3D mesh object :

These were two demo-mode of our brainstorming.

D: I talked to another student who started an underwater project with VR. I taught Hailey a few things of using Oculus rift and Autopanel program. She made a mistake when she tried to take a 360 tour underwater. I tried to fix it by deleting pictures. In the end, we discussed about potential project for elab.


  1. Ocean wikipeida---let people knew hawaii better

  2. Sounds in 360 video ( combine sounds exp:dolphin, bubble)

  3. Cure-PTSD make people brave again(afraid of water and animals)

  4. Advertisement for shops---

  5. Class

  6. Diver training

  7. Geology


week 7 summary for F

For F period, I stopped working on my coding for a while. I needed a break to think and re-organize all of my project. Currently, I devoted my life(most of my time) into 360 project---Oculus Rift. I had an amazing picture to illustrate what is our project. Holobuilder, a virtual software for 360 photos, could provide me a good tool to work on Elab project. I also started the project (opengl) which is writing a code base on website.


For Asana, I kept finising my process (I finished a long time ago. Approximately 1.5 weeks ago, after that I continued working on my Oculus Rift project. In Asana, I jumped into the next phase 2 for Tensorflow already. However, I really wanted to finish my project now.


week 7 summary

We might finished our project already. Although I wasn't sure about it at all, I still wanted to improve this 3D visual tour for our buildings. Meanwhile I was preparing for our Drone project ,too. The Drone project was pretty good for most of us. There were a lot of things going on this week. My biggest accomplishment so far was definately the 360 Panorama.


Day 9/ 29 and 30

B and D: Today, I finished a good tool named "HOLOBUILDER" for webbased virtual tour. I learned this easy tool to complish our project. It was awesome. At the same time, I updated this really cool online to let people view and enjoy it. This could be a next step for HPA tour. It did move like Google Map which wasn't what I wanted. However, maybe I could reset the controller. Anyway, this was a huge step for all of us. A cloud-based website was so much easier for us. It was free now (probably it lacked a huge funcation compare with Pro). I shared this information with Dr. Bill. Let's see what can we do now.


Day 82 9/27 28

B and D: We got photos for the middle room of Energy Lab. Dr.Bill gave us an important resource of using softwares to stick photos together. George was sick today, so I communicated with him with our future plan. I did a few research on 360 photos and videos. I did input a 360 photo of our school swimming pool on the Oculus Rift. I showed this to Dr.Bill and Mr.H. I also helped a girl in D period to edit her video in Oculus Rift. She was planning on a underwater 360-video.
Also, there was a girl needed my help of EEG equipment. Tung Dao, a really nice guy, taught me how to use EEG equipment today. We also went to a phase of simple brainwave controlling keywords on computer. Emotiv was a really interesting tool for us.


Day 81 9/26

B and D: Today, George and I retook photos once again for the 360 Panorama pictures again for a better quality. We did a trial of our wall behind us. It was very werid last week which seems like exploded classroom. I started my new job of fixing the model by setting up focus and visual points on each pictures. This job took my entire periods to do it. Expecially for the table because there were a lot of identical things on it. Pixel 4D couldn't manage photos without a GPS system. If we were taking pictures by camera instead of Drones, we would to adjust and reset every thing by dots.


Week Summary 6

This week for F ISR, I did my Tensorflow project with digital numbers. I also posted it on the weblog. I am planning to update the photos soon. Tensorflow digital numebrs were trained well done.
For Asana, I finished the Asana for Tensorflow. In Asana, the problem for me is not a big deal. I just need to keep reminding myself to update the project status. Same time, I finished Tensorflow with a little bit rush. I didn't completely understand what I was doing so I need to take a little bit back.


Week summary6

This week we began our first step in photo-modeling. Dr.Bill provided a Fisheye camera for us to get a high quality. I posted this weblog a little bit late because we were stilling working on Sat and Sunday. We took a new 3d model (sphere shape) around our friend. As you can see this model is far more accurate than before, here is also another CPU usage. It reached to 100 percents.


Day 80 9/22 and 23

B and D: George and I spent our entire day working on the first trial of Pixel 4D and photo scanning. This picture is the corner of Elab. We used the Fisheye camera to detect this 3d model. However, this model lost a lot of features and potential in it. It seems like exploded and scattered. In the end, we were thinking about a new solution with sphere shaped model. All of red dots on the small photo means missing points.


Day 79 9/21

D: I finished a prototype flying game made by myself in Unreal. In this game mode, you have an amazing oppurtunity of being a bird (pilot). I made this environment and water (kind of close to reality however it wasn't as real as possible). People really enjoyed and had fun with the small game I created for about 40 min. As you can see from the picture, my friend was riding/driving an UFO across rivers.

B:For B period, Dr.Bill showed us a new equipment which was used in previous Elab demo mode---A Nikon camera with 5k Fisheye . George and I were considering about how to improve efficency and other features. Building a 3D model by using photos would definately increase our process and skill levels. Inside of expensive equipment, we wanted to make a normal camera which is able to scan a 3D model by pictures.


Day78 9/19

B: Today, I worked with Unreal Engine. I did a simulated test in this Video-game Engine of flying object. It is a really good figure and object. I learned how to make a character (moveable) in an engine. The physical effect with collision is amazing according to the setting and design. Here is a picture of me flying in one of the demo mode.

D:For D period, Davi was here. He cooprated with me to do a small experiment that he finished a long time ago. It was awesome experience to work with him. Although I am being a lab-rat, I really enjoyed to be a part of this experiment. Meanwhile, he taught me a few things in blender and Unity Program.


week summary 5

F: For F period: I talked with Mr.H about my problem with PDF and Proposal. Later, I got involved in Tensorflow with tutorials Part 1. I got in a phase with setting matrix to solve problem. Later, I can use the data to redefine a pictures with its features. Tensorflow is able to identify pictures through parts and parts. It is still a quit bit confusing through the entire tutorial.
Asana:9/16 finish the setting basic coding of Tensorflow (Jupiter Notebook----tutorials)
Asana:find a way to fix the connection between Jupiter Notebook ------a sharing service base on Tensor-flow


week summary 5

B: This week I started brainstorming with George looking for any new possibility of presenting and improving our project. We found out if we were familiar with Java Script, we would be able to make a 3d Advertisment and Virtual tour base on Webpage. Meanwhile: George and I decided to get Pixel4D for the 3D model of our campus (environment). We imported and exported a few pictures in blender of our models. Dr.Bill also introduced an exciting project---Mango. I couldn't wait to start it.
D: I eventually finished the Pixel4D that was left through the summer break. The problem of the Pixel4D is completely crushed on itself. The programmer of Pixel4D sent an email to explain a deadly bug appeared through the entire intallation and re-license phase. That was why we could get it done. Now, Dr.Bill and I solved this challenge. Pixel 4D should be smoothly working on the Hydra Machine and MSI.