Three-Dimensional Virtual Tour and Visualization



    The project wants to represent HPA to the public as a diverse and well-developed school. The 3D model project will provide a well-detailed campus and amazing visiting experience. The ultimate goal is for anyone who wants to visit HPA website in a convenience way directly from the internet. The visual tour can be integrated with current and future technology.

    We will inherit and continue the earthquake research from Luigi who first came out with the idea. The earthquake research will record every data between Japan all the way to California. This project will help the public to discover countless information about earthquake.

    Background: Donev George as the starter of the independent study has two years experience with Blender (an open-sourced 3D model application). We have similar hobbies and passion of using 3D model to construct buildings. This project should provide an extremely convenience service for any visitors who are interested in Energy Lab to have a full vision. As a group, we want this project to produce the interactive visualization.

    Purpose: The interactive visualization can provide a general and well-detailed tour to all the students. This project also can evoke students' passion and interests in science field. As a unique way to experience Energy Lab, it provides a stronger impression and a better idea about the main theme of HPA. This project also serves as a precious opportunity for me to have a better understanding of the combination based on computer science and life situations. It is also a charming experience for me to work as a developer.

    What in projects will be measured: In a 3D model design, there are some actual data involved in actual buildings. Programs are required to finish this project.

    How projects will be measured: The 3D model of the Energy Lab needs to be completed base on several different resources. The building plan should be consisted by the program "sketch up". After that, as the purpose to accomplish the 3D model we have to use "blender" or "unreal 4" as the engine. "Sketch up" provides one of most convenience ways to get in the complex structures. "Blender" and "unreal 4" offer a strong physical engine for visitors to walkthrough the Energy Lab as the first person view. In the end, the ultimate project should be uploaded on HPA main website.

    Tools and Resources: The 3D virtual tour and physical experience should be based on these programs "sketch up", "unreal", and "blender". The game engine is capable to experience an embedded web version. "Sketch up" is capable to design the main structure in a 3D presentational type.

    Impacts on Different Scales: This 3D project should be presented well on the school website under the legal constitutional conditions. It should be able to provide an amazing experience to all of the visitors. Generally, we hope this project that is able to provide a new journal of visualization for the next generation's representation and experience.

    Legacy: The 3D model project should be continued in HPA. The virtual reality team should cover the project to the whole campus. It will create a generous view of the whole campus. It can be the first initially model before we organize and modify the whole campus. From the school's perspective, this great research isn't just show the individuality of HPA's students, but it also emphasizes the creativity and passion in scientific field in students' heart. It also represents a diversity way for all of our visitors who are interested in our campus. At a certain level, it also provides an extremely convenience for parents and students.