Abstract (September 15, 2014)


    I have begun to look at the brainwave studies, that quickly caught my interest, when I was introduced to the project that Erina Baudat has been working on during the previous year. She had discovered one of the most convenient ways to measure brain waves, by using a brainwave kit called "mind wave mobile". So far I have installed the software on my computer, which I am planning to work with to further understand the brain. I will educate myself about the brain and the functions and meanings of the different waves, that I will be able to measure with the device. This will open up a tremendous set of opportunities for research and studies that I will then specialise further in.


    Electroencephalography applied on daily manners, specifically focusing on the understanding of attention and meditation


    Brain waves have been measured for over 50 years, while devices for increasingly accurate results have been developed. It began with documented measurements that could be read of a physical chart after the live procedure. Now we are able to measure, record and understand the results while the brain in truly acting these out. This increases our ability to find the correspondence between the live action and its exactly measured brainwave.


    Study Brainwaves and brainwaves that correspond with attention and meditation

    What will you measure

    Brainwaves using a 2 Lead EEG made by neurosky

    How will you measure it

    2 Lead EEG made by nesurosky, analysis software

    Tools/resources needed

    2 Lead EEG made by neurosky, analysis software

    Impact (HPA, local, global)

    Being able to understand the impact of different scenarios like variating time of the day, energy resources brain has at the moment like drinks and foods, surrounding and music or noise, on different brainwaves, especially the ones that determine attention and mediation.


    Understanding Brainwaves and variations caused by different impacts