ISR 8/25/16


    Today I talked to Tommy and Bill more about my energy project. I figured out the steps and process of what I am going to do, as well as my proposal

    Proposal: Title: managing energy on a microgrid

    Abstract: I will be creating and monitoring energy dashboards in order to see which systems on campus are either using too much energy or producing too little. From this information, I will come up with the numbers and ideas of how to improve energy efficiency on our microgrid.

    Background: Everything runs on energy. You need energy to move water; water for food; and food for civilization. Our generation will have problems in the future with harvesting, storing, and conserving energy. In order to try to learn how to deal with these problems, I will be working on HPA’s microgrid and coming up with solutions

    Purpose: At the moment, HPA is using a lot of energy bought from HELCO. There are 3 options to offset this number: build more PV panels, create battery storage for overnight, or figure out ways to conserve campus energy usage. The cheapest and most productive out of the three would be to figure out how to conserve energy, and then figure out later down the road how to store energy for overnight usage.

    What/How will be measured: I will be using the dashboard and graphs to see which parts of campus can be optimized, and then submitting ideas on how to improve energy usage.

    Tools needed: Dashboards

    Legacy: Energy will be a big problem in the future, and although right now the only thing we can efficiently do is either create more solar panels or find ways to conserve energy usage. In the future, this project could be handed down to another group of students to try to further optimize this campus’ microgrid, as well as installing batteries

    Plan: Use dashboards to monitor energy
    find any issues harvesting energy or any sites on campus producing too much energy
    come up with solutions to these problems and pitch them
    fix the problem/make systems more efficient