This is my tentative proposal, as I'm not yet sure if I really want to study this. We shall see.


    Sleep, Stress, and School: How Sleep Affects the Mental Health of Students


    I’m planning on studying possible links between sleeping habits and mental performance. I may also look into naps, dreams, and sleeplessness, and would like to develop something that would help people who have trouble going to sleep.

    Background & Purpose:

    Some studies have shown that less than 20% of teens get the optimal amount of sleep each night (9 hours). In my experience, many of my peers sleep less than six hours a night, and I want to learn what this lack of sleep is doing to our brains and our ability to operate normally. I want to see how much of an impact sleep can make on academic success and learning.

    Methods & Tools:

    In my study, I plan on measuring hours of sleep per night, as recorded by each volunteer. I also plan on gathering data through cognitive ability, mental health, and memory tests. I don’t yet know which ones to use, and will be talking to Dr. Bill and my peers about it. I’m trying to figure out if I can also use the Emotiv headsets to gather pertinent data. The only tools I forsee needing are the Emotiv headsets, and maybe access to some cognitive tests.


    With more information about sleep and mental health, students can be encouraged to get better sleep. This has applications that range from HPA to the rest of the world, such as increased awareness of the importance of rest.


    Future students could continue my study by looking into naps and stress. We could look further into other stressors at school that affect scholastic performance.