Project Proposal

    Independent Project Proposal

    Aerial Drone Project


    I first heard about the HPA Drone Project through Jack Solomon, who graduated in 2015. Jack recognized my passion for photography and asked me to at some point in my time here at HPA to take part in the drone project. He worked with his classmate Nicky Palleschi and 2016 graduate Juan Miche Rosales to make videos of the HPA campus along with student life here. In addition to this, they also used the Pix4D digital mapping software with the drones to create digital 3D maps of places around the island just by flying over them. This and the photography/videography aspect of this project really sparked my interest in doing this as an independent science research course. I will be working with my classmate Chris Whitfield and Senior Zack Gooding on the drone project this year and hope to add to what Jack, Juan and Nicky were creating in years past.


    I will be working with fellow student Chris Whitfield to continue the HPA drone project. We will use the school's two DJI Inspire drones to create unique aerial video footage at different places around the island, and of course on the HPA campus. In addition to this, we hope to learn the drone's digital mapping software to create digital maps of these places as well. With the school ordering a new FLIR infrared camera system for one of the drones, we also hope to put this feature to use.

    Tools/Resources Required:

    -DJI Inspire Drone

    -UHD Camera (ex. Panasonic UH4, GoPro Hero 4)

    -FLIR Infrared Camera

    -GPS Receiver

    -3 axis gimbal


    We hope to have an impact on the HPA community by capturing footage of students and aspects of the school that make life here so special. In addition to just the HPA community, we hope to make an impact on a local and possibly global scale by sharing our videos online for anyone, including prospective students and parents to see. Having professional quality video on the HPA website can leave a lasting impression for anyone who might view it.


    We will strive to leave a legacy similar to that of Nicky Palleschi, Jack Solomon, and Juan Rosales, while also adding to the work that they have created. As is with any other type of photography or videography, we will create our own distinct style of videos that will hopefully be recognizable as our work. We also hope to bring other students into this project in hopes of keeping it going even after we graduate. Students new to the project could add to the content we have created and come up with new ideas for usage of the drones.