Week 15: 05/09 - 05/12

Week 15 was a very productive week. The highlight of this week was that I got to meet with Mimi Kerley, the president of the board of Kahilu Theaters. I was able to meet one-on-one with her which allowed us to have a very interesting conversation about both being on a board of directors and web-design and usability. I also published the updated version of the website with a new 'Live Chat' feature. bffbelau.org

Highlights from the meeting

Strategic Plan - 5 years down the road

idea about where we want to go

bring someone in who is an expert


responsibilities of the board


look into committee

realistic milestones

clear controls with financial

board succession planning


user is in the center of your world

ask question

usability testing

why did you click on that?

what did you think you were going to find?

personas - user types

does this website work? can people find what they are looking for?

card sorting - sort categories

  • get inside someone’s head

you are the last person who is the user

don’t lead them somewhere

don’t use yourself as the user

give people four tasks

tuftee - display data so it is understandable

importance of layout - edward.

mark hurst and creative good - UI experienced designer

tech got creepy - skeptech

all about the user experience

all about HPA Branding - everything is cohesive


Week 14: 05/02 - 05/05

In the past week, I worked mostly on redesigning the website to look more simple and clean. I also worked on the usability of the website and tried to see what I could correct. In this week I also built out my personal trello page to know what I need to get done before this summer. I talked with the board about summer activities and they said that they, and most youth in Palau will be busy in all of June for Belau Games so we can't have big events that will disrupt with practice or games (This is still being discussed).


Week 13: 04/24 - 04/28

I was not here for most of week 13 because I was on a trip to Palau for a cultural event.


Week 12: 04/18 - 04/21

This passed week, I focused mainly on preparing for out mock interview which I had at the end of the week. Most of my time was researching the company Deloitte, working on my cover letter and resume, and practicing for the interview. The interview itself was very intimidating, I must say, and a lot more serious than I had expected but I think it showed me what the real world can be like and it has prepared me to be able to step out of my comfort zone when needed. Coming from a small country, knowing everyone has led me to speak to them comfortably but I now notice that it isn't always gonna be rainbows and butterflies; the real world can be scary!


Week 11: 04/11 - 04/14

Things have been moving slowly this past week mostly because we are all preparing for graduation and preparing for exams. I believe our main focuses for the upcoming week are to organize our spendings and start saving for summer events. After we discuss our money situation and get it all figured out, we will begin planning for summer events. Summer is the longest break we have so we will try to fit as many activities in it as possible before everyone leaves for college and returns to school. Our mission before the summer is to recruit more people and potentially connecting with more contributors.


Week 10: 04/04 - 04/07

In the past week, I looked at costs of resources that we could potentially get rid of or put on hold due to the obvious lack of money the organization has. We are discussing the website-specific email addresses and whether they are worth the cost. We have noticed that we don't use the emails often enough and usually contact people through social media so we are discussing whether to keep all addresses, just the 'info@bffbelau.org, or non of them (at least for now).


Week 9: 03/27 - 03/31

Coming back from spring break, I needed to complete updating the website with outcomes of past events, new events, and/or new project outcomes. We also did an analysis discussion of all the things we did and how to improve and such. In the coming week, I will begin thinking of new page ideas, and think of ways to start saving more money by cutting off things we don't need or things we are not big enough of an organization to use yet.


Week 8: 02/28 - 03/03

Week 8 was more focused on making sure that we had all things lined up for spring break. We did more member recruitments and such. The board and I talked about how the leadership will be played out once we leave for college. We decide that we will be conducting another set of interviews this summer to seek people who are competent, excited, and passionate about being part of the organization leadership. We have noticed that a few of the underclassmen representatives have not been taking the job seriously and therefor we must fix this leadership issue before we lose our legitimacy. There is still much to be planned before the summer.


Week 7: 02/21 - 02/24

Week 7 was a very productive week for Brighter Future Foundations. We were able to get a lot of work done regarding the management documents and planning for the Spring Break Luncheon and Auction. At the auction we will be selling handmade crafts such as: storyboards, woven baskets, woven purses, jewelry, etc., with the money made for that product going directly to the hands of the maker and having 15% donated to the organization itself. Invitations have been sent out and we are hoping for a bigger turnout than the nonprofit launch. A lot more people know about us now that we have a facebook page and we need to keep updating that and moving forward to a brighter future. Google analytics has shown us that facebook has helped promote the website and we have increased our website visitors by a few more people, but we hope to enlarge our audience.


Week 6: 02/14 - 02/17

Week 6 was dedicated mostly to finishing my project plan, which included: researching what I needed to continue to manage and grow my nonprofit, communicating with the board of directors on what the plan is, prioritize what we needed to get done and what we could postpone, and documenting everything that was decided upon. This coming week, I hope to get more project work done.


Week 5: 02/06 - 02/10

Week 5 was a slow week, and consisted of mostly catching up on all that I missed on leave. I worked mostly on my project plan for the 2nd semester, really planning out what I need to get done before March 10th (the day that I reach Palau). I looked at the Website's Google Analytics and it showed me that we need to advertise it much more to get more people on it. This coming week I would like to complete my project plan, create a facebook page, plan out our upcoming events, and create a google calendar for our upcoming tasks for the next 4 weeks.


ISR S1 Whitepaper - Seid

Download file "ISR S1 Whitepaper - Seid.pdf"


Week 15: 11/28 - 12/02

This week went very well. I have recently been spending a lot of time communicating with the board in Palau to secure everything regarding the launch on Dec. 18th of 2016. It has been a lot of work, and a lot of difficulties with the time difference but it has been looking great so far. This week I have also been talking a lot with Dr. Kitalong regarding our medicine garden and he is very excited to start!

Asana Tasks:

- Check progress with the board
- Semester Final Presentation
- Reach out to entertainment to see if they can still perform


Week 14: . - .

Week 13 was possibly the best week so far! I was able to get a lot of work done, and connect with so many amazing people in hopes for working together on a couple of projects with. I was able to have the nonprofit bylaws reviewed by a lawyer in Palau. He gave me a few corrections which I revised and had the bylaws officially signed by the attorney general and therefor incorporated. I was also able to connect with Dr. Kitalong regarding a traditional medicine garden we are excited to grow! The nonprofit launch will be on Dec. 22nd of 2016!

Asana Tasks;

- Check in with Board regarding tasks for launch
- Email Dr. Kitalong's assistant to schedule a meeting
- Look for entertainment


Week 13: 11/07 - 11/11

Week 13 went very well! I was able to work a lot on my Wix and also on the HPA website. One thing that slowed me down a bit this week was the restructuring of the Brighter Future Foundation website. I had to delete a bunch of the pages that I already had because they didn't add to flow or the navigation efficiency of the website. As I studied the HPA website, I took what I learned and applied it to my own website. I was able to complete half of my HPA website study. Great week so far. I hope to continue what I am currently working on.

Asana tasks
- HPA Study
- Progress Report to Mr. Schorn
- Tourism Page


Week 12: 10/31 - 11/04

Week 12 went very well. I had my meeting with Mr. Ferrel, Ms. Petteys, and Mr. Halstead, which I believe went very well. Not only was I able to fill them in on what was going on with my project, I also received very helpful feedback and how to continue expanding my project and how to make it better. This week I worked a lot on my seperate project with Mr. Schorn. I have been carefully studying all of the pages on the current HPA website to see how it can improve, but also what I can implement into my own website through what I see. This week I also upgraded my website plan to Premium and I was able to get it for 50% off! YAYYYY! Now, I have the best plan possible, but I was also able to save money. The website is not published yet, but I hope to finalize some things and get it published as soon as possible.
Asana Tasks
- Create a LinkedIn Account
- HPA Website Study
- Contact Reps


Week 11: 10/24 - 10/28

Week 11 has probably been my most productive week yet. I was able to complete a lot of my asana tasks for the Brighter Future Foundations website, and also got to touch base with Mr. Schorn regarding the progress of my FinalSite training. I really have been working hard to get things done so that my project actually looks legitimate when I have my meeting with Ms. Petteys and Mr. Ferrel.
BFF Website - I am currently working on making the website easier to navigate through. I want it to have the highest level of coherency possible so that people enjoy being on it and are not frustrated. I am currently working on all the subpages for my About page, and those include: 1) Education 2) Tradition 3) Tourism 4) Community 5) Youth. These pages include activities and programs we offer in regards to those subjects.

Asana Tasks:
1. Prepare for Meeting
2. HPA Website Study
3. Contact Representatives


Week 10: 10/17 - 10/21

Everything has been running smoothly so far. I have been much more productive since I switched to Wix, mainly because I can clearly see what I want through Wix's help. This week I was able to complete 2 of my main pages, including their subpages, and now I am working on the Donation page. My training with Mr. Schorn on FinalSite has been very productive as well. I also had the chance to talk to all the board members of BFF to talk about the website's cost and what we actually need on there. We decided on personally paying for the website until the nonprofit raises enough funds to run the website off. Great week!

Asana Tasks
- Meet With Schorn (Status Update)
- Work on Donation Page
- Work on Blog Page


Week 9: 10/10 - 10/14

Week 9 was a very productive week. I was able to work a lot on my website through Wix. The Brighter Future Foundations website is starting to look really good. Wix has really helped me by recommending what pages to put on a nonprofit website. It has allowed me to build my website based on what they know would be a successful website. Now I have a really solid "home" page, and a solid "about" page. I am currently working on the "donation" page and trying to figure out how I can make it so that people can donate directly through the website. This would probably require a lot more work, considering that I have to have a bank account for the money to go to.

In week 9, I also worked a lot on the FinalSite website to learn more about everything that I need to know to be able to work further on the HPA website with Mr. Schorn. I have learned the composer basics, e-notify, news page, and media page.

Overall this has been a great week.

Asana tasks
- Work on Donation Page
- Insert the Mission & Vision
- Email Board of Directors regarding the progress of the website.


Week 8: 10/3 - 10/7

Week 8 was very productive! In the beginning of week 8, I officially switched from coding by myself to building my website on Wix. Wix has been very helpful. It has allowed me to work more efficiently and my website is now starting to look the way I want it to. I am currently working on the free plan, because I am still figuring out which plan I want based on what I would actually need. As of right now, I am holding off updating.

During week 8, I also got to meet with Mr. Schorn once again and our meeting went very well. He gave me some assignments, which include learning all the tools necessary to use FinalSite, and also gave me admin rights to the HPA website. This is definitely a great opportunity that I am extremely lucky to have and I plan on making the most of it.

Asana Tasks:

- Learn Composer (FinalSite)
- Learn News (FinalSite)
- Learn Media (FinalSite)