Download file "Documentation Whitepaper Kosuke Shimamura.pdf"
This is my final documentation white paper.



Wow, This is the LAST WEEK of my independent Science Research. This year has been really interesting. I started thinking about this class end of my Junior year. I wanted to get private pilot license, and I got it during summer. At that point, I decided to go more for my knowledge and ability to speak other people about aviation. I decided to build a airplane from home made. I thought this will help me to understand how airplane is actually flying and what we are learning in Aeronautical Science. It was not successful project, but I learned a lot of science in this class. For next week, I will work on my final documentation for my class.

We went up to Mauna Kea this Sunday. It was amazing and beautiful. I will miss Hawaii. Thank you Mr. H.



Last week, I worked on my glider for my final project. I cut the parts with a heating cutter. It cut very well. I think I will finish cutting by this week sunday, and start building next week day and night. I hope next Friday, I can fly this glider on the field.I'm also excited for Mauna Kea sunrise!!



I had a presentation last week. I was preparing for the final presentation of this year. I talked about what I did this year and my plan of the year. I don't really remember what did I talked. I start making glider this week, and trying to finish it by end of the year.



==Practice presentation week==

I had two classes this week.
One day, I worked for my glider, which I connected all the plan together and ready to cut them up to foam.

This pictures are from the web site call, "Flite test" They have many free airplane plan.
I hope I can finish those in 4 weeks.

Next week is presentation week. I will try to show all of my work about this year.



I worked with my broken Cessna 172 last week. I fixed an elevator with styrene foam. I used hot cutter to cut a foam.

For this week, I will start making a glider with foam that sells in ACE and from a plan on the web site. Trying to finish by end of this year. I have hurry up and prepare for my final presentation.



This week was flying week. Finally, I could fly RC airplane with Mr. Emmons and Mr. H. Actually I didn't flown them. Mr. Emmons showed it to me and Mr. H. When it's landed, the motor and elevator broke. I have to fix those this coming week. I need Mr. Emmons's help. We also joined "Ka Makani Flyer". It's a club for people to learn fly RC Airplane.
I will post the video from last week on here later today. It takes long time to download to my computer...



Last week was the first week of Q4 which is last Quoter of this year. I was trying to talk with Mr. Emmons for RC airplane to fly them. We were not able to coordinate time last week. We set the date on April 4th Monday after school. Today, I will fly them infant of E-lab.
Download file "IMG_3293.JPG"



Last week, FINALLY worked everything on RC airplane! We tried so many things.
First, tried to test with new speed control. It didn't work. Also, it started beep from motor, and we were so confuse.
We tried with different motor, and it worked! At this moment, we didn't understand why.
After doing this experiment many times, we found a constant rule that has to make before start using transmitter.
We have to turn on and off and middle before start motor.
Nest week, I will FLY it!
I have to fix wing shape and weight, but I will fly them by end of Q3!



Last week, I worked on RC airplanes.

I used new speed control to test if the motor works and servo works. I connected motor to speed control and receivers.
I tested with 5.2v for receiver and speed control. It didn't work when I turned on transmitter. I used Arduino to test if the motor works. It did work with Arduino.Therefore, I think receivers and transmitter has some problem with connecting information. For next week, I will continue working on this and I might have to get new receiver and transmitter.

fly it next week!!!



This week, I attended middle school theme week call, "Come Fly With Me!" This is a middle school program that giving chance to student to learn out side of classroom. One of the teacher came up with Aviation program. As a private pilot, I was very interested about this program.

Monday: We started at middle school classroom. We did grand training about helicopters, and learned about aerodynamics behind helicopters. This was very new information/material for me, so I learned a lot of things. In the afternoon, we went to Fire Rescue Department Office. I learned lots of things, but one thing I was interested was that if something happen on the runway or anywhere on the airport, they have to get there in maximum 3 minuets. That is the law. I felt very safe and thank to these people.

Tuesday: We did grand training about airplane. They learned all the material that we should know before flying in 3 hours. It usually take minimum 3weeks, so I was very amazed that middle schoolers are very interested about aviation. During the lesson, Mr. Inman came to classroom, and talked about real aviation world. He is a pilot for United Airline B-747-400. I was very happy to meet him.
Wednesday: Today, I woke up at 5a.m., and went to Kona Airport to pic up helicopters that middle schoolers was going to fly. This was my first time flying helicopter, it was just amazing. It is very different from airplane and lot harder then airplane. I think I still like airplane better...
Thursday: Today was the last day of theme week, and I had most meaningful trip to ATC tower. It was my dream that go up to actual Air Traffic Control Tower, because we are always talking to them with radio. They are helping us by looking and navigate airplane. We can't fly with out them, so I was very excited. Yes, It was amazing. I talked with a man who was on duty at that moment. He explained a lots of thing that I didn't know. I learned that There are so many people are helping each other, trying to be safe, and on time everything. That team work makes people's trip or transportation fun or exciting.


week 2-2

This week, I had a meeting/presentation with Mr. F, Mrs. P and Mr. H. I talked about how did I do in semester 1 and what I'm going to do in semester 2. As I wrote in a white paper, I will not build new aircraft. I will fly Mr. Emmons's RC airplane by spring break. After spring break, I will try with some different format of airframe. For example, I will change shape of the wing and check what will happen. I tried with Kanai's speed control for my RC airplane. It worked with his speed control. So next week, I will order new speed control and will fly them!


week 2-1

This week was my first week of second semester. I listened 3 people's presentation. They all talked about what they did in first semester, and what they are going to do in second semester. I thought they worked very hard and it was very interesting. I have do my presentation next week. I started to write "White Paper" for presentation. I wrote what I did and learned from last semester. In the last part of white paper, I wrote my goal of this semester. My goal of this semester is to finish repairing of RC airplane and fly it. Also, I will write a report about airplane structure and aerodynamics.



Here is my Q2 video. It's on YouTube.

Thank you.



I didn't do anything in class, but we talked about fake eggs. I planed about q2 video, I'm going to film them tomorrow.



This week, I did some work with Mr. Emmons. He got speed control and battery for me. We tried them to work, but it didn't, so I have to find out why, but I will. We will work on this speed control and motor next week. I hope we can fly it by end of the next week. This weekend homework will be find out the reasons.



Today, we started class with talking about last 6 class of the semester. I said, I have to work on my airplane and get ready to fly it. I think there are problem between speed control and motor. I will see Mr. Emmons and find out what is the problem. In class, I studied Math test for flowing class.



Today, and after school, I and Mr. Emmons worked on airplane. He bought speed control and battery. However, the connector of speed control and airplane's motor was not matched. We disconnect connector from both of them, and put a new connector. We connect everything which is speed control battery, elevator, radder, and motor. It didn't work. I think the error was connection between speed control and motor. I will keep working on it next time.



This week, we had coding workshops and work time for our project. I finished 16%. Python is very hard but it's very easy to understand and once you got it, it's very fun to make and learn. Kauai and I sent e-mail to Mr. Emmons about speed controls. Hopefully we can get speed control soon. Next week, and class, I will work on Arduino again.



Kauai and I wrote e-mail to Mr. Emmons about our speed control. The e-mail was...

Aloha Mr. Emmons,

Kosuke and I were wondering if you bought the speed controllers we were talking to you about. If you didn't, Mr. Halstead can check with Dr. Bill about whether there is a budget for Independent Science Research with which we could buy them. This way you wouldn't have to pay for them. If you have any links to some good speed controllers that you use, could you send them to us?

Thank you,

Kosuke and Kanai

We CCed to Mr. H too.