Proposal Abstract


    Kosuke Shimamura

    Independent Science Research


    Proposal Abstract

    Abstract: The purpose of this project is to build a single motor land airplane. This project will help me to understand more about airplane systems, and performance (the science behind how airplanes fly) of aircraft.

    Project title: Build home made Airplane

    Background: Becoming a pilot has been my dream since elementary school. This past summer, I went to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to earn the FAA private pilot license. I had 53.6 hours of flight time and I received a license. Now I know how to fly an airplane, but I don’t know why an airplane can fly. I understand the basic system and performance of airplane. I want to use that knowledge to understand more about Aerodynamics. This project is going to be really hard but it's very important for me and it's valuable.

    Purpose: We often use airplanes for transportation, but we never think about why and how airplanes fly. I want to prove myself, we can make an airplane and it actually can fly through the sky.

    What I will build: I will build a single motor (one motor makes spin of propeller) land (only fly from and to land) airplane.

    How I will build it: I will test different material, test aerodynamic system, and calculate the angle of wing and parts of the airplane.

    Tools/resources: woodshop, motor, styrene, polystyrene foam, Mr. Emmons, and propeller.

    Impact: t is about me deepening my understanding of aviation as part of my life-long goal.

    Legacy: I think the legacy will be in the future, some people may see this project and understand more about airplane.