Project Proposal 2

    (Tommy) Minh Truong
    Class of 2018

    The study of renewable energy and micro-grid to understand energy harvest and improve efficiency.

    In this project, I'm hoping to work closely with the "energy team" (Dr. Wieking) on analyzing the dashboards of our micro-grid here at H.P.A, and learn about harvesting renewable energy, as well as solving real world problems along the way on matters of energy efficiency. Through this project I am also looking forward to working with Sameer on his "Smiley Box" project, specifically focusing on making the infrastructure self-sustainable and costly efficient.

    The current issues that we have here at school is that over half of the energy that power our school, comes from traditional fuel, when we could be conserving more energy by simply eliminating small factors like setting up automatic systems that regulates the power usage in parts of our school throughout the day. Working with Sameer on his project would also be a good opportunity to find effective ways to make collect renewable energy, and study sustainability on a real life situation environment.

    In this project, I want to help the school conserve as much energy as we can, which in terms will reduce our global footprint as well as our spending on energy. I also want this opportunity of working with a micro-grid to be educational so that it would boost my knowledge further on the topic of renewable energy, and find solutions on improving efficiency while decreasing the deficits of non-renewable energy. By going deeper into the field of energy, I hope in the end I will able to optimize our ability to harvest renewable energy due to our highly advantaged geographic location, and find resolution to make these tools more practically energy and cost efficient. By working with Sameer, I hope that I would be able to contribute to making the entire structure more sustainable both in producing energy, and self sustaining with things like collecting water, conserving heat, and/or reducing heat, providing circulation, clean air, grow crops etc.

    What will you measure:
    Using the dashboards on the energy grid at H.P.A, we would be able to detect faults in a system and address it. By studying the data on the dashboards, we can correlate many areas at different time with how much energy they use and how much we are actually spending, to hopefully conserve the energy usage as well as reducing its cost.

    How will you measure it:
    As of now, we need more energy reading sensor installed in some of the dorms and other common areas of large consumption. But once complete, we would be able to get energy reading from all part of the school, hopefully even the residential area, to find the best resolution for energy conservation.

    Tools/resources needed:
    As of right now, I need to work closely with Dr. Wieking to further my knowledge on renewable energy as well as my ability to analyze problems, read charts/distributions, learn how to create and regulate dashboards, and find the faulty of our current system and help solve it. My resources will be Dr. Wieking's energy team.

    Impact (HPA, local, global):
    As of the modern age, energy has become one of our specie's most essential need, among its most important role: it helps pump water, which in terms help us grow food, and food help us sustain the population. This is just one of the many essential role that energy plays in our society, but with our current usage of fossil fuel and other harmful substance, we won't be able to sustain very long as a planet. With the study of renewable energy, I hope that my project will find solution to reduce our global foot print, starting here with H.P.A.

    I hope that my exploration through this topic will help me increase my knowledge on energy, and reach my ultimate goal of finding a more efficient way to harvest energy and sustain us better as a specie, as well as inspire others to join me on this exploration.