Does more sleep result in higher concentration?

    Concentration is key to learning. At times, people cannot sleep enough. Lack of sleep leads to poor concentration. It may differ from person to person because of their lifestyle differences. However, people can face difficulty concentrating after getting various amounts of sleep. Also, there are many factors that can contribute to a lack of concentration, such as caffeine, stress, and malnourishment.

    How to measure?

    I will be using a web platform called Cognifit to measure the concentration. There are many web platforms that provides cognitive tests. However, I chose to use Cognifit due to its research capabilities. There is a system structured for researchers, such as full access and control over the participants and data analysis by each session of testing.

    Along with Cognifit, I have created a survey on Google survey to measure the quality and the quantity of participants’ sleep. The survey includes questions such as: hours of sleep, quality of sleep, stress level, and etc. These questions will be providing the background informations on participants’ performances.


    I will have several volunteers participate in the study. There will be 10 males and 10 females. Half of the participant population will be day students and the other half will be boarders. I will log a few different variables: sleep quality(waking up multiple times at night?), breakfast menu(caffeine?), possible stress, and ultimately, the hours of sleep. All these variables will be considered throughout the study. Lack of food, stress level, sleep quality, and the existence of caffeine can affect the ability to focus.

    What do I believe?

    Based on some research, sleep deprived students perform at a lower level than the sleep fulfilled students. Wayland Student Press published an article Sleep deprivation damages student concentration. They state that the teenage high school students who are experiencing sleep deprivation cannot comprehend and process the informations in morning classes. Furthermore, another article from UBRN.com explains that sleep deprevation can lead to less concentration. When people lack sleep, the human body concentrates more on staying up, which makes concentration on other things increasingly difficult. What is the relationship between sleep and concentration?