Mango challenge


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    Mango Challenges:

    • On server (
    • Look for the data source “EG lab master”
    • You can also find this labeled “eGauge elab 2” on the server at
    • or
    • if you are on campus

    Three clues will enable you to track and identify energy:

    • Time of day: When does it happen? Day or night? Weekends? Users?
    • Magnitude: how big is the impact in kW? What devices use how much power? All or part?
    • Profile: What is the shape of the use? Does it change at night? How does it start/stop?

    If you have other data like weather, power factor you can go even deeper

    Try these:

    • how much solar power is generated at each building?
    • how much is used at each location?
    • when?
    • what does this tell you?
    • what dorm uses the most energy?
    • when do the dorm lights “go off”?
    • when is the use the least?
    • how could you tell a refrigerator from any other load?
    • what does a hot water heater look like?
    • what does a stove look like?
    • how could you detect an air conditioner that was left on all night?
    • which of the faculty cottage complexes is using the most energy?
    • when does cottage 3 hot water heater timer go on?
    • when did they run out of hot water?
    • when did cottage 3 do some cooking?
    • compare these with cottage 7
    • what was the weather Wednesday 1.13, using the solar data?
    • when did it rain that day?
    • how do you know there is no water leak in carter dorm?
    • how much does it cost for the biggest energy users on campus? (use $0.40 per kWh)
    • how much money would we make if we sold all of our solar power in one day?
    • why do we still pay an electric bill?
    • the PPA array behind the elab is not owned by us, but we pay for the solar energy is harvests. How much money is the owner making if we pay $0.30 per kWh, whether we use it or give it away to HELCO?
    • why do we give it away to HELCO with no money back?