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    Here's what you'll need to include in your project proposal

    Proposal Rubric:
    Abstract: short summary of what you hope to research
    Title: the title of your proposal
    Background: any information we'll need to understand your proposal
    Purpose: the goal of your project
    What will you measure, research or learn?
    How will you measure it, what will success look like?:
    Tools/resources needed: people, stuff, places to work, local resources, collaboration resources:
    What you used/need?
    Why is it credible or needed?
    How are you going to use it/was it used?
    Impact and legacy (HPA, local, global): what legacy will this leave? how will this impact HPA, our community and the world?
    Course Timeline:
    Meet with mentor in person and/or email, discuss and develop abstract proposal
    (most of you have done this already)

    Daily/each class (due by 9 PM that night)
    Weblog entry: what you did, what worked, what did not, why, next steps

    Weekly (due 6 PM each Saturday):
    Weekly summary report: what worked, what did not, what you plan next week, what will you need, due at 6 PM every Saturday.

    Quarter summary weblog entry, quarter video (2-3 minute summary of progress)

    Group presentations
    Due dates:
    September: proposal abstract due
    Q1 final: video and Q1 summary due, wiki complete
    Q2 final: video and semester summary due
    S1 final: meet with mentor, meet with review team, present to small group on campus
    Q3 final: video and Q3 summary due
    Q4 final: year summary video due, year summary due online
    Year final: meet with mentor, meet with review team, present to larger formal group