Elab Energy Hunt


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    Elab energy hunt-answers on your weblog!

    Part one: Sensors and controls

    • go to and see if you can open something
    • go to and do the same thing
    • try again with, what do you find?
    • go to and look at the energy use in the elab, then turn on the hot tea water maker, which circuit is it on?
    • go to 10.14.62.x and check out the weather right now. What is a W/m2?
    • check out to see the earthquake activity here

    Part two: egauges

    • Go to
    • check out the solar production in the elab, and all of the energy use
    • see if you can find the time you just turned on the hot water tea maker
    • see if you can find the time you turned on the fans (you may have to leave them on for a minute or two)
    • when did the wind turbine mysteriously come on recently?
    • is it working now?
    • go to
    • how much solar power is generated on campus?
    • how much is generated at the elab?
    • how much is generated at the PPA array behind the elab?
    • how much solar power is generated at each building?
    • how much is used at each location?
    • when is it used?
    • what does this tell you?
    • what dorm uses the most energy?
    • when do the dorm lights “go off”?
    • when is the use the least?
    • how could you tell a refrigerator from any other load?
    • what does a hot water heater look like?
    • what does a stove look like?
    • how could you detect an air conditioner that was left on all night?
    • which of the faculty cottages is using the most energy?
    • when does cottage 3 hot water heater timer go on?
    • when did they run out of hot water?
    • when did cottage 3 do some cooking?
    • compare these with cottage 7
    • what was the weather last Friday using the solar data?
    • when did it rain that day?

    Part three: skyspark

    • go to skyspark.hpa.edu
    • login as guest/guest
    • check out buildings and users on the upper campus

    Part four: elab2.hpa.edu

    • go to elab2.hpa.edu
    • login as isr/p——77
    • what was the lowest temp today and when?
    • what was the max power from the PPA panels today?
    • what was the max on the longest day of the year?
    • the shortest?
    • what is the usual campus energy use at night?
    • what time was someone working in the middle classrooms today?
    • what time was someone working in the monlab today?
    • when did the tennis center use the lights?
    • what was the weather that day?
    • when did someone use the microwave oven today for 2 minutes?
    • when do the security lights come on at the elab every night?

    Part five: EMC server 5

    • go to
    • login as isr/p——77
    • click on “monitor”
    • hit “go”
    • use the checkboxes to select some items for comparison and graph (above)
    • play with the date and time selection to see more

    Part six: Mango

    • go to
    • login as admin/admin
    • look for “data sources”
    • look at data points, and check some of the egauge values


    • Which of the tools you used was the most interesting?
    • Which was the most accurate?
    • Which was the easiest to use?
    • Which would you use for an energy project?