Before we finish our weblog directories, please try these out with your friends:
    1. run an osascript to make their computer say something interesting
    2. ping flood your partner's computer, while watching the ping time on that computer
    3. determine the link rate for wired and wireless networks to the routers we use: and
    4. use text edit in plain text mode to create a simple html page, including header, body, bold and italics
    5. demonstrate the traceroute to www.apple.com, explaining the times for each leg
    6. CHECK WITH YOUR FRIEND, then restart their computer
    7. demonstrate the use of fsck on startup, and applejack if installed
    8. query and explain the xml data from one of our sensors
    9. demonstrate how to block a ping flood attack from your friends
    10. use nslookup to find the IP address for physics2.hpa.edu, and what machine is at

    Have fun!


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