Treasure hunt

    Do this in pairs at most, and keep your answers secret until everyone has succeeded.
    Here is your quest:

    Task one:
    There is a rogue access point somewhere in this building.
    Find it
    What is the SSID?
    Change it to something else for the next group.
    Take screenshots and upload to your weblog.

    Task two:
    There is a newly configured energy meter somewhere in this building.
    Find it on the network.
    How much power is it reading?
    Where is it, and what is it measuring?
    Take a photo and post on your weblog.

    Task three:
    Herobrine is at it again. He has hidden a message from Bo, telling you which languages he speaks.
    Find this message, and list the many languages in the "Life of Bo"
    Leave your own message there.
    Screenshots, whatever you like on your weblog...

    Have fun...


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