Quiz: Friday 4.5.13

    Please do the following, and email your answers to me at bill@hpa.edu

    1. ping physics2.hpa.edu and record your results in your email message
    2. run nslookup on this machine and find the IP address, netmask and router
    3. find the dns for this machine
    4. demonstrate traceroute to www.apple.com and record your results
    5. ssh into physics2.hpa.edu as herobrine, password is on the board
    6. find the document created by bo bleckel, and tell me how many languages he speaks
    7. list everything in the directory two levels up from this one
    8. show where you are at this level
    9. list the top processes on this machine
    10. describe what each of these means on your machine:
    • TCP/IP address
    • subnet mask
    • router
    • dns
    When you are done with this and have sent it to me, you can go right into the Unix4mac text and pick up where you left off.


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