Week 4 Quarter 4 4/16/17-4/24/17



    For this past week, we didn't do much on our project because we got busy with our career prep. We focused more on that and getting ready for our job interview with Mr. H. I know we did a lot of brainstorming about our project but not much physical labor. I did my Job interview on a google engineering position and I was able to talk about our Independent project while in the mock interview and I was really proud. I got to step back and really reflect on what we have done this r=year and we have come a long way. I was happy to showcase what we did though words to someone else other than the people that already knew about it or helped start it (even if the interviewer was still Mr. H). I had fun this week.


    This week we did a lot of career work. We did our job hunt while also getting ready for our mock interview. The job hunt and decision took most of a class and was time lost on our projects. The next day we did mostly prep work and research for such job interview. We are doing a lot of helpful work for our future but the more of this kind of work we do, the further behind our project is. It is a rough trade off, signing off. Robot Kingdom.