Week 2 1/15/17-1/22/17



    This week we did a lot, Elijah worked on the box for our prototype. He made a lot of progress in making the structure to hold the pneumatics into place. Me and Mr. H tackled the solenoid problem. We took apart our solenoids to try and figure out how to power the system. We saw that we need to buy thicker wire so that we can use the 12V battery to power it. We ran into a lot of problems not knowing what we are looking at because we don't have any schematics on how they work. We eventually saw that the pneumatics need pressure in order to fully work so we did a quick test by hooking up the compressor. We found out how it works as in when you need to put the air in order for it to come out the other end. But through this discovery, we need to hook up one more compressor to fully understand how these solenoids really work.


    During this past week me and my partner alohikea got a lot done. I managed to fix some problems with our previous model and ensured some stability in the can crushing system. While i was doing that alohikea and mr.halstead made great strides in the solenoid systems. I've also tested and failed at a couple attempts at trying to create the crushing pallets. I've also been mapping up how to hold the battery and the compressors. Creating this box is some what a challenge but i hope to complete it by this week.