Week 3 1/25/17-1/29/17



    This week we tackled the pneumatic solenoid system and finally got it to work. We found out how to power the solenoid and make it function with pushing and pulling the cylinder. We tested all four of the solenoids and found out three of them work. We also found out the first one we were trying to troubleshoot ended up being the one that didn’t work so we thought we were doing something wrong but it was actually a broken one. So through this we have two working solenoids with one backup just in case. The next step will be to automate it with an arduino and make it functional through a sensor or computer.


    During this week we only had the workshop for one day out of our regular 3 class week. This is due to our scheduling with sienna. Although this happened we still accomplished a lot. On the first day Alohikea(my partner) researched and looked into the solenoid research. Because of the huddles we had last week we spend the first day back to the computer and the drawing board. While he was doing that, I continued to try an attempt at making the crushing panel and the boxes for the battery and our compressors. I had a hard time thinking of ideas for this so i ending up helping alohikea on the second day. We were able to get the solenoid working and spend our last day testing the other pneumatic systems and solenoids seeing if we need more. This past week was a very productive one and i see good things coming.