Week 12 11/1-11/6



    This we we finished our prototype!!!! Everything looks good but we did run into a problem with the integrity of the wood that is attached to the pneumatics. The wood broke because there was too much power on the bottom of the wood and it almost cracked the wood but we saved it in time and then we bolted it down which did help alot. Then we found out that we needed blocks that was long enough so the pneumatics could fit and be long enough to smash the cans. We finally have it done and we are planning on our second prototype.


    This week we FINISHED OUR PROTOTYPE!!!!!!!! We tested it and A LOT went wrong. The prototype basically broke. After the first testing day we made a lot of improvements in our box prototype. We enforced the walls with more wood and changed one of the pneumatics so that it fit the other to size now supplying the same amount of pressure. We also fixed the wires for the compressor because when we tested the prototype the first time it compromised our wires and we saw the flaws in our system We are taking huge steps now and im happy with our progress.

    1. Material List for Next Prototype

    2. First prototype 2.0(Get supplies to finish)

    3. Test Prototype 2.0