Week 13 11/6-11/12



    This week was a short week and we only had one day down in the workshop but with that little time we solved our resolution of our first prototype and set it all up so we can complete in the next time we have the workshop because we gave sienna the room on the second day. Though we did not work on our prototype, we did make our final material list for our second prototype and shared it with Mr. H who will order them for us so we can get started on building our second prototype. I can't wait for all the new material to come in so we can improve our ideas.


    This past week we didn't have a lot of time because of the short week. We continued to work on our prototype and tried to get it to function again after the multiple failed testing. Some wood pieces weren't as strong and we had to redo them. Because we only had one day in the lab last week we spent the other day working on the supply list for our next prototype. We finished our list and sent it in to Mr.H. All is good in the Robot Kingdom.

    1. Finish prototype 1.0

    2. Find correct metal screws

    3. Crush more cans