Week 5 Quarter 4 4/25/17-4/29/17



    This week we did our interviews. I had mine and it was fun and intense. I definitely could have been more prepared for it and I wish I could have a second chance but that it not likely. After that we did not do much on the robot except a few touch ups. I was getting ready for a sport trip and an AP the next week. Although we didn't do much this week, i do feel we are making progress to finishing our second prototype. I am looking forward for next week and I want to make more progress.


    This week I had my interview. This was a scary and much needed experience. The intimidation of mr halstead was very similar to what i assume an interviewer would be like. It was very nerve racking and really pushed me on how to think and act on my toes in pressure situations. The next day we had to catch up on paperwork and ended up only doing minimal work on the actual project. The friday we had left to go to a lacrosse tournament so that is another day we weren't able to get anything done. As we get closer and close to the end of the year the blockers seem to be stacking up and keeping us away from the endgame of our project. Rough week for the Robot Kingdom.