Week 11 10/26-11/2



    This week we are close to finishing our first prototype and it looks really good. We tested our compressors and they work really good together. Right now we are making a plate that will connect to our pneumatics so that we can have two pneumatics crushing at the same time. We are having a hard time screwing them on because the bar the needs to be screwed in is not secured to we are trying to find something that will stop it from spinning so we can get the board on top of it. Another problem we have it that we need machinery screws so we can secure the two compressors to the prototype so that they do not move. We are making very good progress.


    This week we almost finished our prototype!!! The box is almost finished and the compressors are functioning well. The pneumatics has a bit more to go but it's all in line to start testing next week. Im very excited for this testing. I have high hopes and big expectations for this machine. The only thing worry about is the integrity of the box. Because the cans are very durable and stable when the integrity is not compromised the power from the pneumatics may break the wood.Next week will be a good week with alot of progress.

    1. Material List for Next Prototype

    2. Finish First prototype(Get supplies to finish)

    3. Test First Prototype