Week 6 Quarter 4 4/30/17-5/6/17



    This week we had a few setbacks being a speaker came in but it was very interesting and my partner was gone due to sporting events. I didn't do to much on the project but I did plan a lot about how we want our presentation to look and how we want people to look at our project. We really need to get out robot done. At this point we just need to get the guts back in the robot and start testing it. It is a little late to be testing but we need to get at the polishing stage.


    This week I was gone again for sporting events and we had class speakers. An businessmen had came in to talk about civil engineering. This was a very interesting presentation and i was very inspired by the work but in the end it did keep us away from our work once again. Our final presentation is coming up and the exhibition is also coming up and these other activities are taking away from our project. It is a very rough ti-me in the Robot Kingdom.:(